This Quantum Life #175 - A Moment With Source

a moment with sourceWe've all been there: You take a break from work to take a walk, and suddenly you're gazing at a tree, and everything stops as you are swept up in a moment of peace, beauty and poignancy; or, you're driving on the highway and see yourself driving from outside the car, and are struck with the wonder and significance of the moment; or, you're standing by yourself at the quarterly office party and are overtaken by a sense of awe and how beautiful the situation is. What's happening in these instances is your Moment with Source. Without intending to, you've strolled into the Source portal we all have, and God/Source/Creator is suddenly living your life.

These moments of perspective are your co-creations with The Creator, and they underpin everything magical, wondrous and meaningful in life. It is these moments that bring sanity and context, lighting up the mundane with potential and possibility. I believe these Moments with Source literally keep us alive.

I say this because I've been in a few end-of-life situations with loved ones, and in every case the person changed their focus and intention from being present with the awe-inspiring now, to dying--a sort of "giving up" on living in order to get somewhere better.

A recent example is my brother, who passed suddenly at age 63. In our weekly phone calls he grew increasingly cynical about humanity and the "crap shoot" that was his life. He was full of regrets about the choices he'd made and was sure that "God didn't care what happened to him". He would say in almost every conversation, "I don't want to be here".

I'm convinced that you wouldn't be able to find a centenarian who doesn't have a deep and meaningful spiritual life. Purported to be one of the longest-lived humans, Li Ching-Yuen, a spiritual master and herbalist, for over a century performed daily meditations and Qigong breathing of Source Light. In fact, one of Li's disciples, the Taijiquan Master Da Liu, reported that when 130 years old, Master Li encountered in the mountains an older hermit, over 500 years old, who taught him the Baguazhang breathing techniques.

The foundation of any spiritual life must include some sort of direct experience of Source--the kind of experience that leaves no doubt it was an embrace by the Creator. These moments with Source are bearing Universal information--Cosmic intelligence, if you will--that brings a deep certainty of being a valued and necessary component to all of Creation. This feeling of Oneness is what drives all healing, and provides the hope and perseverance to overcome any malady or affliction.

Lee Carroll, who "channels" the essence called Kryon, has said, "You don't have to die to have spiritual growth." In fact, the emotional and physical trauma of the death process only serves to create more subconscious resistances to living an infinite life, as from one lifetime to another, we are haunted by our past painful exits of the "mortal coil", stuck in a morass of fear, trepidation and foreboding about "destiny" and "fate".

If we just would take a moment every time these existential forebodings rear their ugly heads, to ask for Source/Creator/God, we neutralize the debilitating and deleterious effects of that ideation, allowing for the free flow of pure divine light and infinite being to wash through us.

I started this essay with examples of "inadvertent" stumblings into moments with Source, but we can consciously and intentionally experience these moments by simply asking for access. It is a kind of reaching through to touch the Creator who is always instantly available, whether or not we believe that. In fact, it is the belief that Source/Creator/God is as real as your foot at the end of your leg, or fingers of your hand, that facilitates access and interaction.

Further and deeper, if we dedicate our plans, visions, and intentions to Source, the possibilities of success and serendipity are infinite in scope; and when we are partnered so directly with the Universal Creator and the legions of celestial beings and multitudes of angelic presences, we become imbued with the same Cosmic Light.

Making a daily practice of consciously connecting with Source is at the crux of the transformational healing of body and soul, amplifying every effort to attain that healing, and bringing the unshakable confidence in the value of Self.

So, take a moment to have a Moment with Source.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin

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