This Quantum Life #168 - The Light of Infinite Goodness

infinite goodnessIn many cases, healing--and certainly transformation--is like turning the Titanic. Even if you crank the rudders all the way to port or starboard, it's going to take some time for the mass of the ship to submit to the water currents created by the rudders.

Metaphorically, the rudder is our intention to change our life, the water is our life situation, and the ship is our body with all its baggage--past traumas, counter-intentions, fears, uncertainties, and all the other inner conflicts. This can feel like being mired in a swamp, or sinking in quick sand, or screaming for help at a faint light in the distance. The more we doubt our intention to turn the ship, the slower it goes--and pushing the steering wheel after it's all the way to port or starboard does nothing but validate our doubts.

On a cosmic scale, there is that light of infinite goodness driving all creation. Like the wind reducing mountains to hills, or like turning the Titanic, this light of infinite goodness is acting on all levels to turn creation away from darkness and into the light. Crucially, even the densest of darkness is residing in the original light of creation--and that light is the infinite goodness that is the Creator, and over time is inevitably transformed.

In some quarters it may not be interpreted as such, but the Earth Free Choice Experiment is over. The Experiment allowed participants to choose between the coherent structures of infinite good, and any experience that was not that. This open-ended "anything-but-light" option held considerable appeal for those beings curious about "what would happen if" coherence was replaced by chaos. Wouldn't that be ultimate freedom? No more adherence to the Laws of Infinite Good with all of its structured good intentions. What if all that light of infinite goodness was replaced by something else?

Thus began the inevitable Great Descent Into Darkness--the many possible realms of that which is not light and not good. It was quickly discovered that the more violations of infinite good led to an expansion of darkness and the infinite opportunities for evil summed up in the Seven Deadly Sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth--all of which caused their own realms of darkness. The Titanic was taking on more and more tonnage making it more and more resistant to course corrections.

Over eons of time, the "Do what thy wilt" paradigm came to parity with the "Greatest good" motto of the light of infinite goodness. No longer was anyone required to care about the whole, and caring only about self became the preferred mode for many. All this non-coherent creation brought pain, suffering, and destruction to every attempted civilization on Earth adding further tonnage to our now overloaded Titanic.

Meanwhile, the light of infinite good continued to shine its beautiful, loving coherence throughout Creation, slowly chipping away at the chaos, bringing order and perfection. It was the loving grand intent behind all Creation that allowed the experimental chaotic Darkness in the first place. But now, that experiment is over.

What we are witnessing now on our fair planet is the ripping away of darkness as it is replaced by the light of infinite goodness. That ill-fated tiniest minority still clinging desperately to their dark power is all that is left of the Dark Empire, as they dramatize their desperation behind media propaganda, federal tyranny, and their blatant boasting of their Seven Deadly Sins. The closer they get to total annihilation, the louder they scream, and the bigger their illusionary threats. Thing is, they are an empty shell without the means or commitment to maintain their machinations, and one by one are being called back to Source as goodness reigns.

The restoration of Earth and the awakening and healing of humanity is underway. There is much clean-up work to be done, and plenty of scars to heal, yet Infinite Goodness prevails, and to the degree we all embrace this reality makes it that much easier to turn the Titanic toward the sunrise of a new day, bringing hope, peace, prosperity and justice to all.

Be that light of Infinite Goodness in your life. Shine that beacon of strength and love the world needs right now for the restoration of Earth. Reach out to your community and offer loving arms of safety and sanity. We've got this.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin

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  • All that exists on Earth originated above on the divine plane. In the beginning was the spirit, and physical matter is simply a condensation of the Creator’s thought. It is very important for human beings to believe in the primacy of the spirit, for this philosophy gives them the power to remedy any issue. As long as they believe that the physical plane – and therefore their physical situation—governs everything, they will remain feeble, vulnerable and at the mercy of circumstances. Depending on which philosophy you adopt, that of matter or that of the spirit, you will be weak, or strong and powerful.

    Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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