This Quantum Life #153 - Gaslighting Freedom



In the campaign of achieving human dominance and control, there is an exploitable error of perception within all of us. This exploitable error is the illusion that objective "reality" is separate from subjective experience. The illusion of objective reality is very convincing, made so because of persistence in time, our bodily senses, and the assigned language creating meaning around everything, culminating in our beliefs of what is "real" and "not real".

The Objectivists proclaim that what is "real" is what we can see and touch, and here is where the gaslighting begins. As children, we are indoctrinated into this world by definitions of things as they are presented by our parents. The first "correction" is usually about the child's imagination.

I vividly remember when I was about three years old talking to a crow in the front yard. The crow said my name, and asked how I was doing. I later told my mom about this, and she immediately said, "You were imagining that. Crows don't talk". Although I could remember the crow talking, my mom's declaration made me question whether or not I had experienced what I thought I had experienced. A few days later, I saw that same crow in the front yard. I started walking toward it. It squawked and flew away. Well, maybe I did just imagine it, I said to myself. From that day forward, I never heard a crow talk.

There are thousands of examples of people having similar experiences that are relegated to superstition, misperception, or delusion. My Irish granddad for the entire time I knew him insisted on the existence of leprechauns. He'd say, "They exist. I've seen them." Now he was a college president with multiple doctorates, so if anyone would have been "objective" it would be him. To this day, he's been an inspiration to me precisely because he stuck with the reality of his own experience.

There are mounds upon mounds of "legends" and "myths" about our world relegated to a scrap heap of "falsehoods" and "conspiracies" that if accepted would immediately expose the gaslighters who decided such topics had to be hidden in order to profit from them. The entire Disclosure movement, for example, is a reclaiming of personal experiences of extraterrestrial life. Exposure of those types of experiences would severely hinder the Controllers in their quests for power and control, and so well-funded disinfo campaigns and false narratives are foisted on the already reality-comprised public.

Our experience is what is real. The gaslighters of the world would tell you that what you think is happening is not what's really going on, and eventually, we all submit to the "facts" of life as assigned to us by these controllers. If our direct experience doesn't follow the "factual" narrative of acceptable reality, we are "corrected" by a merciless barrage of denials, condescension, mockery, imprisonment, and at times physical assault.

Pretty quickly as children we learn that our imagination is disconnected from the "reality" our parents enforce on us. How we experience the world gets contextualized through their definitions and translations. This creates the illusion of "out there" and "in here"--the cleaving of objective and subjective reality--the ideal environment for the gaslighters.

The remedy for gaslighting is reframing (see my article, "Reframe The Body"). We reframe by choosing what to believe about our direct experiences, and not deferring to the accepted and approved narratives. In fact, it is our superpower of choice that creates what experience we prefer. Channeled teacher, Bashar, in his talk about parallel worlds says, "There is no 'out there'. It's all here, it's all now."

What we choose to experience takes us to that world where that experience is happening, because it is our choices that determine the frequency of our experience within that parallel universe. Change the frequency, switch universes.

Ultimately, this goes far beyond reframing and contextualizing into Universal Creation. As Alan Watts has said, "What you are doing is what the whole universe is doing here and now. You are something the entire universe is doing in the same way a wave is doing what the entire ocean is doing. The real you is the entire universe."

There is no experience we do not create. Sometimes we deny any responsibility when our experiences are negative, but deep, deep down, far, far in, we know on some level we created and create everything we experience. When a controlled populace begins to wake up to this fact of existence, such tricks of the senses as gaslighting cease to have an effect. Even the merest possibility of our universal creation rips away all the veils carefully put in place by Controllers.

We choose to see the truth. We choose to see our own experience. This is where total freedom is found. It is our freedom to choose the best and highest life we can imagine.

Boyd Martin

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