This Quantum Life #133 - The Inevitable Retreat of Tyranny


Two obvious features of quantum living are: 1. Everything is energy; and 2. Anything is possible. Both of these features are anathema to tyranny.

Tyranny only recognizes its own energy as "valid", effectively demonizing energies coming from "the other". Tyranny only allows for a minimal and enforced set of possibilities. Anything outside of this mandated set is considered a threat.

As we brace ourselves during this rough and tumble episode in human transformation, the struggle of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, is revealing itself as a Kabuki Theatre of the soul. Humanity is watching in real time the inevitable transmogrification of dark to light, evil to good, and chaos to order.

Another tenet of quantum living would be that life is basically good. The structural fabric of the universe is eternal love. Darkness and evil are temporary havens for tyrannical souls who denied their basic goodness, and embarked on a campaign to recruit and weaponize other souls in similar denial.

Observe that the current mandated tyranny in some quarters only thrives among the controllers and the non-sovereign souls lost in fear and confusion. Where there is an embrace of personal power and sovereignty, there can be no tyranny. This is love in action. This is the counter-campaign of possibilities springing up out of the faltering grasp of the self-proclaimed overlords of tyranny.

In fact, the inevitable flourishing of love, sovereignty and personal freedom is merely amplified by the tightening grip of the controllers. And as this amplification of personal power is expressed, more of more of the victimized and enslaved find within themselves their own courage, and break away from the tyrants to join hands and hearts with the ever-expanding legion of free souls.

As the grip of tyranny tightens, it forces a moment of choice--a moment of clarity about which world one wishes to live in. The option of hunkering down until the tyranny "blows over" is revealed as an unrealistic strategy, and a procrastination before claiming personal power. It becomes obvious that the more one bends to the will of tyranny, the more that tyranny expands, and to retrieve any semblance of freedom of choice, one must declare their power and join the legion of the free.

As the illusion of Oz is continually unmasked in the light of goodness, the tyrants are brought face-to-face with their own basic nature, and are forced to see themselves as deniers of the light, hell bent on destroying the light of free souls in the drama of darkness. The lie of darkness is exposed, and even the most dark of tyrants must acknowledge their own light within.

The folly of tyranny is that it believes it can mandate control without the consent of free souls. They are only given such power of mandate by the fearful and weak. The further folly is that the controllers attempt to build their army of the obedient from the masses of the fearful and weak. So such an army is unfit for combat, and dependent upon the flimsy denial of personal power. That army has only to be exposed to the free souls to be reminded that they, too, can be free, and then the courage of sovereignty can return.

Tyranny amplifies the desire for freedom, consolidating and coalescing sovereign souls to commit to and create a better world--a world of love, tolerance, freedom and compassion--all those things tyranny is not. The fearful and powerless are left behind to thrash around in the tiny box of choices afforded them by the controllers, forced to do their bidding or face certain death. At some point, the fearful and powerless must find their inner strength and break out into the light of their personal power.

As more and more souls find their light and link up with growing throngs of the free, tyranny retreats without hope of regaining its ill-gotten power, and justice reigns. Love and compassion returns to rule the world, and the infinite possibilities of Universal creation are restored.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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