This Quantum Life #125 - No Distance To Source

No Distance to Source

sourceWe've all done it: looking high and low for our glasses, only to discover them perched on our head; or, looking high low for our car keys and then "finding" them in our hand. Back in my musician days, I was late for a gig and was rushing to quickly get my drums set up. I suddenly realized the mike for the kick drum was gone! I asked the bass player, "Hey, Eddy, have you seen my kick drum mike?" His deadpan reply, "What's that you're holding?" Oh.

It's known as a "brain fart", or "senior moment", but I believe there's a much deeper truth about human existence hiding out behind this sometimes hilarious effect.

We can get in the habit of things being difficult or complicated, and I believe it has to do with self-esteem and the ease or dis-ease with which life unfolds for us. We forget to look at the obvious, forget to pay attention to what's right in front of us--instead, jumping to the conclusion of yet another inconvenience, irritation, or pain. It's a way to cause suffering for ourselves, and, oddly (or fortunately), the cure is, again, right in front of us.

The tendency is to distance ourselves from pain and suffering. We recoil, even from the thought of pain, setting up a sort of chasm of attention; we try to "skip over" what's happening if it gets too unpleasant, or uncomfortable. My assertion is that at the moment we recoil from something unpleasant, that moment contains everything causing the unpleasantness.

Another way to look at it is, within every moment of our feeling experience is woven the beingness of the Universal Creator. We are not experiencing life alone. There is an over-arching conscious intelligence holding a field of love around and within us at all times. It is our genesis--the stuff of which we are literally made. Now, as worldly experience unfolds, and there is pain, we have a built in mechanism that attempts to repel unpleasant feelings, putting us in defense mode. This mode has many flavors--from denial, to persecution, to grimly holding on--all of which flip our attention away from the exact thing that would calm, heal and restore us.

Now, this "glitch" of habitual behavior has been exploited by Controllers, as the "False God" syndrome. This is where the answer to pain, suffering and difficulties becomes "praying to God" for relief, forgiveness, peace, grace. This False God construct feeds on the negative energy we willingly offer up, every once in while doling out a little respite we identify as "prayers answered". That keeps us praying and feeding the beast.

In other words, the resolution of pain and suffering is "over there" somewhere with "God", and once we've received a sufficient punishment, there will be a reward of relief. To me, this is a crime against Humanity on the one hand, but on the other, is that this mechanism is simply and definitively neutralized with the awareness of Source. Instead of instantly recoiling from pain and suffering, turn instead to that source of love, peace and ease that is right beside us at all times.

We have allowed ourselves to believe we "deserve" pain and suffering as justification for this habitual recoil effect, when in fact, it is a sort of "Stockholm Syndrome" of handing our personal power over to the tormentors. We are "bad", and so punishment makes twisted sense. Of course, we are always bad, so punishment is ongoing, much to the delight of the gaping maw of the False God.

The entire scenario of interpreting experiences as "mistakes" in need of punishment, or perceived defects or wrongnesses as the source of pain--all of this is a self-inflicted exercise in affliction that has nothing to do with--or is antithetical to our God self. The Real God is not "over there". It is right here, right now, inextricably woven into every moment. We feel it as love, joy, peace, ease, comfort and happiness, because that is what we actually are. We pretend that what hurts are our "mistakes", or "Karma" or "punishments", when the only Reality is Love. The distance we habitually assume from our own Source is the perpetuating factor of our pain and suffering.

When we DO heal it is because we have somehow opened a window to Source, allowing it to take away our pain, remove our suffering, and bring us peace, joy and love.

We must never underestimate how automatic and deep this habit of distancing from Source is. There are many layers, many knee-jerk reactions, and perhaps thousands of justifications holding this behavior in place. By finding the eternally abiding heart of love embracing every cell and molecule, and allowing this love to be our very first reaction to any pain, suffering, disappointment, irritation or unpleasantness--it begins to truly heal our wounds, and neutralizes the magnetic grasp of the False God.

We are love, we are peace, we are joy. Anything else is a signal to return to Source--the eternal and infinite power of love within all life.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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  • The worst difficulties and suffering begin when people start to think that they are the sole masters of their destiny, that there is neither providence, nor luminous entities to guide and support them. This is how they sever all ties with heaven. Then, they are no longer children shielded from worries, because they no longer rely on their heavenly father and mother, and every kind of suffering starts to sweep down on them: they have stopped feeling like children of God. To solve your problems, to get help, nourishment and enlightenment at all times, you must never sever your bond with heaven, because heaven never leaves its children to cry all alone.

    Omraan Aivanov

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