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From Grumble to Humble

self-love It was "one of those mornings" when I swung my feet from under the blankets onto the cold floor. I found myself grumbling about just about everything--it was cold, my arms hurt, I worried about money, I despised the errands I had to run, and damn it, I'm GRUMPY!

I made a point of going extra slow, in some sort of protest to myself and the Universe about irritating minutia, that, later, wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. And the fact I was grumpy about THAT, made me grumpier. I just was having a hard time snapping out of the polarized mind-warp I found myself in.

Coffee. That'll do it. I made a pot, and sat down at the computer with the steaming cup o'cheer, still irritable, but far off in the distance I could see a glimmer of better moods ahead.

I skeptically decided to listen to a meditation I received in my email inbox from Emmanuel Dagher, entitled, "Activating Your Money Magnet"--I could feel weird resentments and more grumpiness rising up, but I went ahead and listened to the 20-minute meditation.

It was actually not bad. Mainly, and thankfully so, Mr. Dagher focussed on the essentials: self-love, honor, and respect. I sat, sipping my coffee and listening, and there was, finally, a shift, and I snapped into non-duality, leaving the grouchy-grumpies behind.

Mr. Dagher pointed out that "everything that happens to us is for the good". As Pollyanna as that sounds on the surface (especially when you're pointing a grumpy finger at the Universe), from a cosmic perspective it is truth. It is too easy to pick up the thread of habituated monkey mind thinkity-think and the "fake facts" of discomforts, pain, and worries on top of completely baseless fears, that we lose track of this basic truth.

The love of and in our life starts with the self. If we don't love ourselves, we literally cannot love our life, and thus the things, people, circumstances and events within it. To love self is to honor self, and this can be a hard one.

How often is it that you make what seems to be a "mistake", only to find out later it was actually not a mistake, or by the making of it, you discovered something valuable you didn't know before. There really are no mistakes. Sure, there are mis-calculations, errors of judgement and such, but these are only so because of our perspective.

From a cosmic view, everything that happens is exactly what is needed for a higher expression, or frequency of existence. We get glimpses of this "greater world", and yet have difficulty with the navigation to it, as though the vision of it requires physical movement or doing. This is not necessary. This greater world is the world where you love and honor yourself.

Go ahead. Imagine your life where you always love and honor yourself. You feel pain, you drop something, you injure yourself--all these are opportunities to honor the process of the experience. These things deepen the experience of self, and result in greater compassion for your life and the lives of others who may be having a much tougher time of it. By honoring life and our place in it, we can feel gratitude, and that gratitude faces us towards the cosmic gateway of a greater life, and a higher world for all.

I finished my coffee, and rose from my chair, only to knock the empty cup off the desk on to the floor, intact. I paused to honor the event, and smiled.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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