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Gardening for Better Health

Even pre-pandemic, before forced separation and confinement made us crave nature's spaciousness, research showed that gardening has real benefits related to mental and physical health. For example, a 2020 review of the literature examined the results from 77 studies from across the globe. The researchers found that gardening resulted in measurable improvements on a variety of dimensions of health and well-being. Specific physical health benefits from gardening include:
  • Better nutritional intake via greater intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Increased activity levels
  • Decreased body mass index
  • Improved blood glucose levels
  • Reduced incidence of falls
Specific mental health benefits include:
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Better sleep
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Decreased social isolation
Other research has shown that gardening's benefits extend to people across the lifespan, from children to the elderly. These benefits have been demonstrated in both healthy individuals as well as those with a variety of health problems, including dementia.

Gardening certainly has practical benefits: What we plant can benefit us and those in our immediate sphere by providing food, shade, aroma, and beauty. It can also help us to have a greater sense of meaning and purpose; what we plant can contribute to cleaner air, reduce soil erosion, and provide food for bees and other pollinators. Gardening ultimately provides a way for us to do our part to save the planet.

If you have a yard or other outdoor area where you can garden, consider planting fruits, vegetables, herbs, or ornamentals that do well in your area. A visit to a local garden center can help you determine what to plant. If your outdoor space is limited, consider herbs or other container plants that you can grow inside (avoid indoor plants that can be toxic to children or pets).

If neither of the above is an option, or in order to reap the social benefits of gardening, connect with others via community gardens, garden clubs, and online gardening communities.

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The Special Powers of Selenite


seleniteThere are a number of different crystals out there to help with everything from protection to love. But of all the crystals available, few are better for clearing energy than selenite. Here's why this crystal is a fan favorite of so many, plus how you can use it yourself.

1. For energy clearing - Given that selenite is so great for energy clearing, one simple way you can work with it is by sweeping the body free from any unwanted energies. Start at your head and work your way down toward your feet on all sides of your body. Sweep the energy out of your field while holding the intention to remove any energy that's not for your highest good.

2. For chakra work - Selenite can be a powerful crystal to incorporate into any chakra-balancing or clearing rituals. Selenite is commonly used for clearing blockages at energy centers.

3. For good sleep - Selenite may be just the thing your nighttime routine is missing. Keep it under your bed or pillow for restful sleep and sweet dreams.

4. For protecting your home - Selenite is quite protective, making it excellent for protecting your home from negative energy. Add pieces of selenite to the windowsills in every room of your home for a protective boost

5. For enhancing meditation - Next time you sit for meditation, hold a piece of selenite in your hand, or on the top of your head. With the selenite helping to clear any unwanted energy, you'll be better able to deepen your practice.

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"Vehicles" Larger Than Earth Are Hovering Around Saturn?
ET craft?


One thing we don't see within the mainstream UFO disclosure world are the many testimonies, stories and experiences that several high level space and defense scientists have disseminated throughout the years. The mainstream has been relaying to the public that military encounters with UFOs have been occuring and are real, yet they continue to ignore the testimony of some very interesting people who would have some knowledge regarding the nature of the phenomenon, including many high ranking military people who have spoken out over a period of many decades.

One of these people was the late Dr. Norman Bergrun. Bergrun was a senior scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center. He pioneered the methodology of thermal ice prevention design. He is also credited with roll-stability laws for airplanes and missiles. Bergrun was the manager of test planning and analysis for the Polaris Underwater Launch Missile System and evaluated satellite system applications at Lockheed Martin.

In his book, the "Ringmakers of Saturn", Bergrun provides photographic evidence taken by Voyager 1 and 2 space probes, of what he refers to as large extraterrestrial "vehicles". Sure, they may be something unexplainable and not extraterrestrial vehicles, but what's intriguing is his strong belief that that's indeed what they are. It begs the question, how does he know? Has he been privy to more information beyond the photographic data presented in his book?

According to him, "Existence of extraterrestrial space vehicles of enormous size and power is a fact, the significance of which is difficult to grasp, let alone assess."

He documents how strange luminous sources seen around Saturn have been a common theme throughout the history of astronomy. Luminous sources at Saturn have been observed, notably by Herschel, Knight and Ainslie. In one instance, a fiery source moved suddenly away from the A-ring outer edge. In another unrelated instance a bright, elongated source pursuing a straight-line course entered the A-ring outer edge. After these dramatic events, luminous sources did not become a specific subject of inquiry as might be expected--that is, until this analysis many years later.

The luminous sources, or "extraterrestrial vehicles" Bergrun is alluding to are huge. Saturn's rings alone are dozens of Earth diameters wide. The picture above comes from Bergruu's book via Voyager photographic data. It shows an unidentified objects that seems to be bigger than planet Earth. According to him, they are "proliferating" as time goes on. Additionally, they have been observed suddenly changing position and navigating in straight lines.

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week


shakingThis is another traditional QiGong method of getting the "chi" flowing in the body, and greatly assists the lymphatic system and blood to improve cellular function and get circulation going where it has stagnated. Simply stand, or sit, and begin shaking the arms, the legs, and torso--at whatever comfortable rate for you. Get some motion going in the pelvis and hips, as well as the mid- and upper spine and neck. Rotate the shoulders and knees and ankles, too, getting as much motion as is comfortable. This is fun to do to rhythmic music, and has a multitude of benefits, especially applied to oxygenation and overall cell metabolism. Dancing is in this category as well, so get creative and get moving! -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Sigrid Van Heerwaarden

Sigrid Van HeerwaardenMy mission to serve is clearer than ever. I have a deep passion for easing the way for others like you to step into your full potential, and own your unique gifts and talents, too. I show you how to bring that Light into Embodiment, to connect the Divine to the Physical so that you can continue your journey of infinite expansion. I allow you to shine out brightly while you live the life of complete fulfillment that you desire, deserve, and will deliberately create. For years I have helped people to connect with their true selves and inner guidance, offering practical tools to discover ultimate fulfillment of their potential. Once this potential is activated, you too can bring it into physical embodiment. You will have the tools to consistently bring your Light and inner power into the world of reality and create new loving relationships, truly satisfying work, the right number of aligned client, and to attract true abundance on every level. And turn other cherished dreams into reality, no matter how big or small! By connecting you with your Light Tribe, and teaching you how to hear, feel and get in tune with what you already know. There is no limit to the joy, happiness, and freedom you can live in a very practical way, each and every day. WEBSITE

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biophotonsThe Biophotons mandala works on the energetic level to intensify and fortify the body's natural biophotonic field. In 1974, Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that the DNA of all living systems naturally absorb and emit photons (i.e., light). He also discovered that the intensity of this biophotonic field correlated with the health of the subject. In other words, healthy subjects had strong biophotonic fields, while subjects dealing with illness tended to have weak biophotonic fields. He found a similar correlation with agriculture. Food grown naturally in the wild had the strongest biophotonic field. Organically grown food was next in line for the strongest biophotonic field. And last, in terms of biophotonic strength, was commercially grown food. Biophotons have also been shown to be emitted from stimulated acupuncture points. This biophoton therapy signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and enhances the biophotonic field by reinforcing and intensifying it so that it does not dissipate and "leak" as much as it normally would. MORE INFO / ORDER

VibesUp Vibrational Chakra Bracelet

chakra braceletEach chakra stone is infused with VibesUP's liquid crystal formula containing the essential oils vibrationally tuned to be balancing and harmonizing to each specific chakra. This unique bracelet will also raise the Healthy Vibration of food & beverages as well as raise your Vibration while you wear it. Muscle test to see it working.

SUCCESSES: "As a Reiki practitioner, every time I touch this bracelet I can feel how strong the positive energy is!! I gave it to my partner and she says it's really helped with her self-awareness, and emotional processing, and setting boundaries :)" -- Kayla F. "I bought this for my fiance. Immediately the change in his energy was felt and calm swept over him like a wave. He hasn't taken it off since. Thank you so much for helping us find balance! I will continue to buy items from this site! Again, THANK YOU!" -- Amy R. MORE INFO

Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month

"Stone of Regeneration"


garnetSpiritually: Stimulates expanded awareness and past life recall. Cleanses and re-energizes the chakras. Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini.

Emotionally: Inspires love and devotion. Dissolves ingrained behavior patterns. Fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct, inspires love and devotion, alleviates emotional disharmony.

Mentally: Helps to release useless, old, or obsolete ideas.

Physically: Helps regenerate the body and stimulate the metabolism. Assists spinal and cellular disorders. Helps purify and re-energize blood, heart, and lungs, and assists in regenerating DNA. ORDER HERE

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