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Multiverses May Be Interacting With Each Other

We are all familiar with several interpretations of an infinite multiverse where every possible history does happen. How to prove which of these interpretations is correct is another problem; as parallel universes are postulated to not interact with one another and scientists don't quite have the stomach to put cats in quantum booby traps. With no ability to experiment, the math is all we know for sure.

But, a radical new interpretation might hold the answer, and in a manner that could be tested. The idea is called the Many Interacting Worlds hypothesis, the or MIW. The core concept is that a plethora of universes have always existed side by side, and that they subtly influence the ones near them to differ from themselves. The bizarre effects of quantum mechanics that we observe and are confused by, such as quantum tunneling and the double slit experiment, are really caused by the interactions between these universes.

The hypothesis says the probabilistic nature we ascribe to certain events is really uncertainty caused by our not knowing which universe we are in, and that if we knew where we were physics would again be deterministic. The authors of the study say as little as two existent universes would be enough to assure quantum effects take place. They show they can account for basic quantum phenomena using their ideas.

What makes this model different from the others? Firstly, it "contains nothing that corresponds to the mysterious quantum wave function," except when the number of modeled universes is infinite. When the model contains only one universe, it simplifies to a classical, Newtonian system. Quantum physicist and author of the hypothesis Michael Hall called this element "surprising" and said that it means that their hypothesis "incorporates both classical and quantum theory". A vital step for any interpretation that wants to make headway.

Another key difference is that the proposed words in this hypothesis interact with one another. Because of this, scientists could devise an experiment to show if the predicted interaction was taking place; supporting or disproving the hypothesis. Since science typically holds falsifiability to be a gold standard, this is a great leap forward for quantum theory.

At the moment, the model is still speculative and unlikely to become the new standard interpretation anytime soon. The authors of the hypothesis hope that their concept "will be useful in planning experiments to test and exploit quantum phenomena such as entanglement. Our findings include new algorithms for simulating such phenomena and may even suggest new ways to extend standard quantum mechanics."

Even if the ideas are proven false, or never catch on as a paradigm for interpreting quantum phenomena, the researchers hope to advance our understanding of science anyway. As they say in their press release, "While Richard Feynman may have had a point when he said 'I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics,' there is still much to be gained by trying to do so".

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The Sacred Walk


walkIt doesn't take much to re-establish a connection to nature. Spending time in a natural setting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clear your head and refresh your energies. Couple that with some physical movement and the intention to be present in your surroundings, and you create a sacred experience for yourself that can bring you much-needed insight, healing, and peace. More than an ordinary stroll down the street, a sacred walk is a shamanic practice used throughout human history. It's a simple, yet powerful way to intentionally connect with nature. Here are tips to teach you how to take a sacred walk:
  • Allow at least a half-hour to an hour of time to take your walk alone.
  • Find a place in nature to walk. Areas where there are plants and trees, especially those near a natural water source, such as a stream, pond or lake, are best. If you live in a city, a city park will suffice.
  • Try to walk directly on the earth in an area where there is no concrete. If you cannot, try to at least step off the path from time-to-time in order to make physical contact with the earth as much as possible. Even better, go barefoot to connect directly with the earth.
  • Stay present in your awareness by maintaining focus on your surroundings.
  • Stop and take the time to observe whatever catches your attention, whether it be a patch of sunlight, a leaf on a tree, or an animal.
  • Explore your surroundings with all your senses. Pay attention to sounds, smells, temperature, sight, and the overall feeling of the area.
  • Notice the light of the sun and the movement of the breeze around you.
  • Make an intention to connect with the living things in the environment. Ponder the different life cycles of the plants, insects, minerals, and animals.
  • If you're near water, stop and watch the currents. Imagine the energy that moves the water. Feel it connecting to your blood, helping you to release whatever you are ready to release while refreshing your energies and cleansing your system.
  • Make sure to take some deep breaths, to be silent, to feel at peace.
As your walk comes to an end, notice the way your senses have been heightened. Use them to feel your connection to the earth. Know that this energy moves within you, helping you to energize, heal, balance and grow. Feel your connection to the Earth and the life that surrounds you.

The beauty of nature is always present to you, regardless of whether you notice it or not. But when you take a walk in a sacred way, you turn ordinary movement into an extraordinary exercise in awareness. Here are some of the many benefits of taking a sacred walk:

  • Brings peace and calm to body and mind
  • Grounds and stabilizes your energies
  • Garners your connection to nature
  • Exercises your body
  • Relieves stress
  • Gives perspective and insight to life
  • Fosters a feeling of stewardship to the planet
  • Enhances your awareness
  • Reminds you that you are not alone
  • Energizes and refreshes you
Life becomes sacred when we live it with the intention to be present, grateful and to cherish our experiences. Taking a sacred walk is an act of reverence not only to nature, but also to the eternal force of life that connects us to all living things. Acknowledging this connection is key to healing ourselves, each other, and the planet we all share.

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Creating a Sacred Space for Balance


sacred spaceWherever the physical and energetic meet, that is Sacred Space. Where the Body, Mind and Spirit become one and balanced with Grace and Ease, that is Sacred Space. This Sacred Space then becomes a safe haven, a place where we can explore ourselves with deeper self-discovery practices, where we can connect to Divinity and embrace our inner spark.

This Sacred Space can be anything from a small space in our home, to a clearing in a forest or a spot by the sea, to even as small as the pauses in between the breaths we take. As mentioned above, Sacred Space can exists anywhere, it's about infusing that space with our essence and inviting in the Sacred.

Spaces like the forest, by the sea or even in a park under a tree are wonderful places to connect with the Sacred and explore our inner depths. But one can create a Sacred Space within the home as well. It can be as simple as bringing some nature inside by way of fresh flowers and treasures collected such as shells, feathers, crystals and stones, the possibilities are endless. Or, as elaborate as creating and decorating an Altar, then placing these objects upon it. Adorn the Altar with a beautiful cloth and place other sacred objects like statues and photographs on it. This space is then infused with objects sacred to us, infused with our energy.

Although Altars in the home are not common in Western Countries, it does provide us with a focal point, a central place within our Sacred Space to sit in silence and connect. There is no right or wrong way to create one. It is though, more than just a thing to look at or a beautiful setting within the home, it's a visual reminder, graced with objects that are Sacred to us. Our Sacred Space Altar is a place where we go to sit in silence, go within and connect, allowing ourselves to tune in and listen to our inner guidance, a place to meditate, journal and do other sacred work.

Clearing and cleansing the energy within our Sacred Space is important for maintaining its sacredness. Infusing the space with our intention, as well as, releasing and grounding any negative energy we let go of during our practice there is important. Use sacred sound, like a Tibetan bell and dorje, chimes, crystal singing bowls, drumming, even our voices like in chanting, singing, humming and in prayer or simply playing inspiring music. Use Fire and Smoke, by smudging with herbs like sage, lavender, cedar, sweet-grass, burning incense or color candles. And of course use Water, like in clearing sprays, full Moon water, and diffusing Essential Oils.

Welcome to your sacred space!

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Mindful Walking

walkingThere's a great mindfulness drill I learned about from Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness, and it is fun to do and very revealing of our motivations and true desires. It is "Mindful Walking". There are different ways to do it, but a good starting one is to first determine a short path you are going to physically walk--say through your garden, or a short stretch of ground in a park--say, maybe 100 feet or so. Now, start walking, step by step, very slowly. As you slowly move, take in every bit of the five senses (or more). Observe the tendency to get bored, or hurry, or do something else with your mind. Instead, retrieve your attention back to the Walk. Observe the earth, the trees, the flowers, the grass, any flora and fauna, your breath, heart beat, pulses and other sensations. I've done this over a 100 foot stretch in a garden, taking 45 minutes to traverse the distance. At the end, I felt not only intimately connected with my surroundings, but also much more connected with Nature at large. The other version of this is to walk at a normal pace, but keeping your attention on everything you are sensing, and observing what the mind does. Refrain from following any particular thought sequence, such as thinking about future events, or plans, or past experiences. Keep it all in the NOW. Soon, you'll experience a deep, relaxing connection to Life and your place in the world. While you're on your Mindful Walk, hug a tree! Trees are such a great metaphor for our connection to Gaia, with roots deep into the ground, and branches reaching toward galactic center. Plus, trees generate oxygen to replenish the atmosphere, and are a great source of negative ions, which will neutralize the build up of positive ions in our blood system, allowing for greater utilization of nutrients and helping the liver to process cellular waste. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Dr. Kim D'Eramo

Dr. Kim D'EramoHi! I'm Dr. Kim D'Eramo, Physician, Best-Selling Author of The Mind Body ToolKit, and Intuitive Healer. I've always been very highly sensitive and intuitive, able to read and feel energy, and aware of what's going on beneath the surface. Growing up I was deeply aware of what was going on inside my body and could witness how my thoughts immediately impacted my body and others around me. I was fascinated with Mind Body Medicine and Spirituality, and started studying these with passion. I knew at a young age I was here to be a doctor and share my awareness that our thoughts create reality, our emotions directly affect our cells, and our bodies can heal from within. I have the ability to read into your energy system and immediately know what is most disrupting your health so it can be released, and I want to show you how to do this for yourself too. Your body has the ability to heal itself. If you've struggled with a chronic illness, pain, anxiety, or unrelenting fatigue and tried "everything" to heal, then you are in the right place. I'll assist you in opening to the source of healing from within you. It's not about restricting your diet, taking expensive supplements, going from doctor to doctor, or trying to use "mind over body" to heal yourself. I'll show you how to unlock the unlimited Power already within you, so you can release the struggle, heal easily and live a life you love! When you begin to choose from what you KNOW, instead of what you THINK, you align with your nature and embrace health and wealth. WEBSITE

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"Stone of Regeneration"


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Mentally: Helps to release useless, old, or obsolete ideas.

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