Quantum Health Newsletter - Feb. 2022, Issue 2

4 Ways to Use Crystals to Charge Up Your Love Life

Whether you're trying to manifest a new flirtation, meet more interesting people, or revive the desire in your existing relationship, crystals can help make it happen.


Charge any stones you use with an intention of love - Clearing and charging your stones helps your crystals maintain the high vibrations you sense while using them! While carrying crystals will certainly help you find love, many stones can quickly become weakened as they absorb your insecurities around love and work to raise your vibration. Since love is a particularly strong emotion that brings up lots of thoughts and feelings, make sure to cleanse your crystals regularly to keep them working for you! Before you use your crystals, clear them each morning before starting your day. Then, spend a moment holding each stone after completing your clearing ritual and charge your crystal with positive expectancy by telling your stone what you want. Imagine your ideal date, or simply hold the crystals, close your eyes, and repeat the word love to focus your energy!

Carry pink and green crystals to open yourself to love - We all come into romantic relationships with emotional baggage, and a great first step to find love is forgiving ourselves and our exes for past pains. Just because a relationship is over doesn't mean you're over it! Removing blocks can help you open your heart chakra and be receptive to a new love affair. Release your baggage with a high vibration, powerful crystal like Rhodocrosite  can help you overcome past regrets, rejections, and disappointments.  Rhodocrosite may be overwhelming to wear for long periods of time, so meditating with the stone can help with focused, dedicated healing time. To foster more self-love and compassion, carry or wear a gentle Rose Quartz and attract new romance. Rose quartz is also a wonderful addition to any bedroom, particularly in the Southwest corner to encourage love connections.

Ignite the passion with red and orange crystals - Many women spend time and energy dedicated to healing their hearts, but often they ignore their root and sacral chakras! Aligning your root and sacral chakras helps you feel more comfortable and at ease in your body. These chakras are the home of passion, sexual arousal, and sensuality, so using crystals as an aphrodisiac can quickly spice up your love life. If you're looking to heat things up, wear Garnet jewelry or carry it with you on a date. Garnet is a particularly powerful crystal for physical love and strengthening your sex drive, so if you feel like the spark is dwindling in your marriage, this is the perfect stone to keep under your pillow or on your nightstand! Smoky quartz, red jasper, carnelian, and labradorite can also help channel your sexual energy.

Use blue stones to meet new people - While there is certainly no need to go out every night to search for The One, crystals can help you make a great first impression whether you're at a speed dating event or chatting up a cute stranger in the elevator. Blue Kyanite is a great crystal to ease your worries and help you present yourself in the best light. Communication is crucial when getting to know someone, and instead of getting tongue tied every time you develop a crush, Kyanite and other throat chakra openers will help you put your best foot forward without falling over your words. If you find yourself feeling particularly shy, make sure to bring along a Turquoise to empower communication from your heart. We all crave romance and excitement in our lives, and sometimes that passion can fall flat. But that doesn't mean you can't have the love you deserve! Find the companionship you want through crystal healing by putting your best foot forward, healing your heart, and embracing your sexual energy.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: The Trinity Gem Elixirs are an excellent way to utilize the crystals mentioned here. Simply put 5-10 drops of an elixir in a liquid and drink! The elixirs are highly amplified versions of the physical stone--it's like carrying a 10 lb. crystal around with you--just considerably more convenient!

Understanding the Placebo Effect

placeboThe power of the placebo comes down to the power of the mind and a person's skill at harnessing it. If a patient gets a tension headache and their trusted doctor gives them a medicine that they feel confident will treat it, the relief they expect is likely to decrease their stress. And since stress is a trigger for tension headaches, the magic of the placebo response is not so mysterious anymore.

Part of the beauty of placebos is that they activate existing systems of healing within the mind and body. Elements of the body once thought to be outside of an individual's control are now known to be modifiable. A legendary example of this is Tibetan monks who meditate to generate enough body heat to dry wet sheets in 40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. In the field of Mind Body Medicine developed from the work of cardiologist Herbert Benson, who observed those monks and other experts mastering control over automatic processes of the body. It's well understood in the medical field that many diseases are made worse by the automatic changes that occur in the body under stress. If a placebo interaction reduces stress, it can reduce certain symptoms in a scientifically explainable way.

Furthermore, multiple brain imaging studies demonstrate changes in the brain in response to successful placebo treatments for pain. And emerging research suggests that even when people know they are receiving a placebo, the inactive treatment still has effects on the brain and reported levels of improvement.

In addition to the ever-increasing body of evidence surrounding their effectiveness, placebos offer multiple benefits. They have no side effects. They are cheap. They are not addictive. They provide hope when there might not be a specific chemically active treatment available. They mobilize a person's own ability to heal through multiple pathways, including those studied in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. This is the study of relationships between the immune system, hormones and the nervous system.

By defining a placebo as the act of setting positive expectations and providing hope through psychosocial interactions, it becomes clear that placebos can enhance traditional medical treatments. The placebo effect is recognized as being powerful enough that the American Medical Association considers it efficacious to use placebos to enhance healing on their own or with standard medical treatments if the patient agrees to it.

Clinically, doctors use the principles of placebo in a more subtle way than it is used in research studies. A 2013 study from the U.K. found that 97% of physicians acknowledged in a survey having used some form of placebo during their career. This might be as simple as expressing a strong belief in the likelihood that a patient will feel better from whatever treatment the doctor prescribes, even if the treatment itself is not chemically powerful.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Belief is perhaps the strongest of medicines. Enhance the power of the mind-body system with our super-charged Success & Achievement Crystals.

Getting Inside the Minds of Animals

animal smartsResearch into the inner lives of animals--their feelings and thought processes--is only just beginning. For much of history, biologists and behaviorists presumed that animal intelligence could be neatly organized into a hierarchy. Homo sapiens was placed all the way at the top, followed by our fellow primates. Then came the other mammals, the birds, reptiles, and insects.

Regardless of our rapidly changing conception of animal intelligence, it is best recognized when the behavior of an animal resembles our own. Take, for example, elephants, which are said to remember and return to the gravesites of diseased members of their herd. A literature review and study from 2019 revealed that they also exhibit an unusual interest in the dead bodies of other elephants that persists throughout the stages of decomposition--signaling their fascination with death and perhaps even hinting at consciousness of their mortality.

Dolphins are a particularly popular test subject for intelligence studies. As early as 2006, researchers suspected these aquatic mammals use whistles that act as analogues for human names, with a unique frequency being assigned to each member of a pod. Whereas many insects communicate via pheromones that always induce the same, predetermined responses, dolphin communication--like human language--seems more flexible and context-dependent; a study from 2017 determined that dolphins in Laguna in southern Brazil had developed a distinct accent after more than 100 years of sustained interaction with the local fishermen.

Displays of high intelligence are not restricted to mammals. Many birds, including parrots, organize themselves into complex social groups where fellow members of their species are treated differently depending on their relation to one another, a behavior that suggests an aptitude for associative learning, one of several markers of intelligence. And insects, however minuscule their brains, possess an entire repertoire of impressive cognitive skills, from tool use and face recognition to numerical competence and learning via observation.

Research suggests that intelligence, far from being organized into a hierarchy, is actually distributed in different ways across the animal kingdom. Namely, a survey from 2020 found that most animals displayed "exceptional skills in single cognitive domains while performing poorly in others." Chimpanzees, for their part, have a better short-term memory than humans, presumably because short-term memory is more useful in the wild, where life-or-death decisions must be made on a daily basis and in the blink of an eye.

The study of animal intelligence is greatly informed by developments in neuroscience. A good many animals are known to possess semantic memory--the ability to associate one thing with another, like the pain of a bee sting with the appearance of a bee. However, recent studies suggest that some animals like rats and pigeons are also capable of episodic memory--the ability to recall previous experiences by briefly reliving them inside their minds.

Intelligence is connected to other mental qualities that were long considered to be distinctly human, including sentience and self-consciousness. Most of the great apes already demonstrated their ability to recognize themselves in a mirror, and so too have dolphins and elephants. In the past, Rhesus macaques were successfully taught to recognize their own reflection when they aren't naturally inclined to do so, suggesting that, perhaps, self-awareness is a skill that can be trained.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Animal communication is an increasingly acknowledged skill and service. Use the Cosmic Eye Elixir to amplify telepathy and stimulate the 3rd eye--vital in establishing non-human communications.

Health & Healing Hack of the Week


two-pointingOriginally, two-pointing was delineated by Dr. Richard Bartlett as part of his body of work called "Matrix Energetics", and covered at length in his book by the same name. Two Pointing is a way to collapse an energy blockage by using two index fingers touching two points around an injured or painful area of the body. Do this using several different points. By putting the attention on two points simultaneously, it collapses the "standing wave" that is blocking or inhibiting energy flows across the painful area. I like to use this technique along with My Liquid Fish and Take It Away. Great first aid! Entertaining note: I also tried it on my wallet--and it worked! -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Ameera Atlantis

Ameera AtlantisMy mission is to bring forward the wisdom and philosophy of the Great Kingdom of Atlantis, as once taught to the ancient Atlanteans. My Kingdom is called Merlantis, and I am of Royal lineage and in service to my people and to humanity. Merlantis is the Sister land to the Kingdom of Atlantis, as above, so below. It is through the return of the Mermaid incarnations into human form, the Mermaid iconography and mythology that the Feminine aspect is being fully realized on planet Earth. The Mer hold the archetype and essence of the True Divine Feminine. You may be discovering the deeper knowledge of your multi dimensional nature, or exploring the idea that there is far more to your Soul experiences than the “self” that you view in the mirror. “You” exist in many realms, and realities simultaneously. All of us are part of the Atlantean/Lemurian lineage. We, as humans are learning to integrate the aspects of our Soul that are eMERging to help birth the New Paradigms forming on this planet. We are becoming Meta- Humans, with great natural abilities and capacities to consciously create abundant lives and heal our bodies. The Mer people are assisting with this remembrance and many of you are tuning into your Mer, Atlantean and Lemurian origins. I am here to remind and encourage you to follow that truth. My personal session/mentoring offerings include opportunities to explore yourself through hypnosis or “trance” by visit other realms. We can chat up your Spirit guides and move deeper into your own natural ability to connect with your High Wise Self. I work directly with the Mer beings, Ocean Mother Yemaya, and Divine Source. I am highly intuitive as well as practical in my Spiritual advising and firmly believe that we are all capable of accessing our own innate wisdom for creating paradigm changes within our lives.WEBSITE

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VibesUp Vibrational Chakra Bracelet

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Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month

"The Stone for Drawing Out Negative Energy."

amberSpiritually: Promotes altruism and brings wisdom.

Emotionally: Helps bring stability to life. Encourages peacefulness and develops trust.

Mentally: Stimulates the intellect, clears depression, and promotes a positive mental state and creative self-expression.

Physically: Absorbs negative energy and helps draw disease out of the body. Helps to imbue the body with vitality; assists the stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder, helps alleviate joint problems and strengthens the mucus membranes. Traditionally, Amber has been used as an excellent natural antibiotic.


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