Quantum Health Newsletter, August 2022, Issue 2

Insights Into The Chakras

Chakra, or "wheel" in Sanskrit, is the etheric energy vortex that continuously spins to create energy and life force. Many yogis say that if your chakras are misaligned or imbalanced, it will make life challenging. The misalignment of the chakras may be caused by one or more chakra being overactive or underactive. But aside from the importance of having a balanced chakra, here are five things about chakras you may not have known:

1) The heart chakra is the center for healing found in the middle of your chest - It is the middle chakra that is also the center for healing. Each of the seven chakras is important, however, the heart chakra plays a special role in healing because love is considered to be the highest force in different spiritual beliefs and religions.

2) The third eye chakra supports psychic abilities - The third eye chakra is the seat of your soul – meaning, it does not get affected by the restraints of the physical world. It's related to many psychic abilities. While everyone has access to these latent abilities, having an inactive or closed chakra will prevent a person from realizing lies from truths. A person with an active third eye chakra can see and access a deeper awareness. With the third eye chakra, you can access abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, and being able to communicate with your spirit guides.

3) There is an eighth chakra - Many believe that there is also an eighth chakra — and some think they go all the way up to twelve! While the seven known chakras are included in the 12 chakra system, five more are found above and below the body. The eighth chakra is found above the crown chakra in your head. It is believed to be the chakra of divine love and spiritual benevolence. When activated, it allows you to become more spiritually aware and get in touch with your higher self. This chakra resonates with the color gold.

4) Crystals can help stimulate the chakras - Specific crystals pulsate a frequency that matches specific chakras. These crystals or stones intensify our focus to channel the energy in our bodies. It helps balance them by slowing down chakras that are spinning too fast or makes them spin faster if it is spinning too slowly. Each colored stone represents a particular chakra. The crown chakra, for example, is white or purple. The heart charka is pink or green, blue for the throat chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, indigo for the third eye chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, and the root chakra is red and black. These colors will be used in choosing the crystals or stones, but it doesn't necessarily mean that only these colors will work on the chakra it is associated with.

5) Chakras and your emotions are connected - Each chakra has its purpose and function. They are connected to certain body organs and they are also connected to different emotional states that affect your physical wellbeing.

  • The root chakra is associated with being grounded and survival instincts.
  • The sacral chakra encompasses sexual energy and creativity.
  • The solar plexus chakra is associated with will and gut instinct.
  • The heart chakra is associated with love, healing, spirituality, and humanity.
  • The throat chakra encompasses truth, communication, and responsibility.
  • The third eye chakra is associated with inner vision, perspective, and understanding of spiritual wisdom.
  • The crown chakra is associated with consciousness or awareness.
When there is an imbalance or blockage in the chakras, these emotions are negatively affected. But at the same time, the emotions that you feel can be used as signals from your spiritual body telling you that there is something that you need to work on. Understanding your emotions gives you the power to control your chakra and maintain them.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use our Vital Force Chakra Cleansing and Protection Crystal to stabilize and balance all chakras. Use our Trinity Gem Elixirs to support each chakra.

Silence is Golden--How To Get More Of It
silenceExperts and research studies alike confirm that, especially in our loud world, time spent in silence can bring numerous health benefits. Silence can help your health in several ways, including:

Silence could help lower blood pressure - A 2006 study found that a 2-minute period of silence after listening to music significantly reduced subjects' heart rate and blood pressure. Even compared to slow, relaxing music, silence resulted in greater decreases in these important measures of heart health.

Silence can improve concentration and focus - Freed from the external stimulus of noise, our brains can better concentrate on the task at hand. In a 2021 study, 59 participants performed tasks that required concentration, with either silence, speech, or other noise in the background. Those who worked in silence experienced the least cognitive load and the lowest stress levels.

Silence can calm racing thoughts - Racing thoughts are a hallmark of anxiety. Silence might seem like a wide open space for swirling thoughts to fill, but this doesn't have to be the case. Instead, it's possible to allow silence to bring mental stillness.

Silence can stimulate brain growth - An animal study from 2013, found that 2 hours of silence stimulated growth of new cells in the hippocampus in mice, the region of the brain related to memory and emotion.

Silence can reduce cortisol - The same study that showed the effects of noise on concentration also found that people who performed their task with noise in the background had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Clinical psychologist Martine Prunty, PhD. says, "When it becomes elevated, it can lead to weight gain, feelings of significant overwhelm, difficulties sleeping, and chronic diseases."

Silence stimulates creativity - Clearing your head with a long silence could be the key to increased creativity. Periods of downtime have been found to increase productivity and improve problem-solving.

We can't necessarily escape the world in a Cone of Silence, "Get Smart"-style. But with a bit of intention, we can bring more stillness into our everyday lives. Try these methods of turning down the noise:

  • your vehicle a noise-free zone.
  • Reduce background noise.
  • Remove your earbuds.
  • Start your day before the rest of the house wakes up.
  • Start with small, incremental changes.
Silence offers a host of health benefits, not to mention a greater sense of ease and peace. There's a reason for the old saying, "Silence is golden." With a little practice, silence can become a nourishing part of your life.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: The E-1 Stress Relief formula calms and balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems most affected by environmental noise pollution. Use it with these noise-controlling strategies.

Applying Kaizen for Life Improvement


OMWhen we want to make a change in life, especially a big change, it can be daunting. If we decide to lose several pounds, it's easy to give up when we see little results after months and months of sweat, wheezing, and eating salad. Any gargantuan task, from self-improvement to writing a dissertation, brings on such a weary chorus of sighs that we find ourselves plodding along half-heartedly. We don't do well with vastness, and a distant horizon makes a lot of people say, "Screw it, I'm off for a drink." And this has knock-on effects. When we fail in our goals, we are less likely to do well in the future. Success begets success, and failure repeats itself.
We live in an age where we expect a lot of people. Mistakes, no matter how innocent, have ruined careers. Forgiveness seems as rare as the Egyptian phoenix. Yet, to see both yourself and other people as temporarily disappointing God(s) isn't healthy. Instead, we should focus not on being the best, but rather being better than you once were. The problem, though, is that the command to "be better" is a classic example of a vague, unhelpful resolution that usually will be broken by lunch time. Trite, vapid, and ill-defined targets will get you nowhere. That is why the Japanese philosophy of kaizen is so powerful and so useful. It makes the insurmountable manageable and allows us to accomplish even the greatest of tasks.

Kaizen literally translates as "good change," and it's the practice of gradual, continuous improvement. It's the philosophy that says we can all better ourselves, but the best (and most sustainable) way to do so is slowly and in small steps. Kaizen is a proven, effective, and practical way by which to be better. Here are some ways:

Tidying your house. No matter how large a house you have, the "spring clean" all too often gets delayed further and further until the spiders make claims for squatters' rights. A big clean is an off-putting struggle, but the kaizen way is to say, "Today, I will do the bedroom, and nothing more." Or, "I will do the chairs this morning, and the tables this afternoon." It will probably take you longer, yes, but it gets done.

Sporting achievement. To the non-runners of the world, a marathon is a breathless feat of endurance. But any race or feat of endurance is simply one small step after another. Many are those runners who repeat, "Just to the top of that hill," or, "Just one more mile," over and over — until one mile becomes 26.2.

Changing your character. There's a lot of truth in the power of habit. When we do a thing over and over, our brains literally rewire themselves. It's impossible to "be kind" overnight. It takes small, gradual change — it takes kaizen. So, consciously try to do one kind thing before lunch. Do another one before you go to bed. Over time, kaizen teaches us that, one day, you will easily and habitually do kind things. You've become kind.

The philosophy of kaizen is also found in expressions like, "Rome was not built in a day," and, "Good things come to those who wait." It's a hard trick to realize in an age where "slow" is seen as a vice. But, slowly, slowly and over great time, great things can be done.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: The Success & Achievement Elixir and Crystal strengthens resolve, increases focus and lessens or removes self-doubt--all the things that would help in applying the kaizen strategy to your life.

Health & Healing Hack of the Week


drummingAs a professional drummer myself, I can attest to the benefits of drumming. Drumming synchronizes body processes from the rhythmic movement, and the effect of a steady drumbeat is soothing to both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Many people think they can't drum because they "have no rhythm". Yes, I know some people who don't believe they can tap out a rhythm, and so they can't, but this is more a matter of belief than anything else. You have a heartbeat, therefore you can drum. If you're in the category of "non-rhythmic" people, I would point out that if it weren't for the rhythmic motion of the circulatory system, you would not be alive. Start by tapping your finger to some of your favorite music, then get a wooden spoon and tap on some pans. Get a bongo drum at a garage sale, or music store, and just start pounding on it. The rhythmic muscular motion helps the circulatory system with all of its veinous and arterial gates, synch up with the heart, and it is a great way to stimulate endorphin production, reducing pain, and creating a better mood. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Laurie Reyon

Laurie ReyonHer work includes boat trips and retreats to interact with wild and free dolphins and whales, where she translates the messages of the Cetaceans for everyone. She also facilitates retreats and workshops in many locations where people can swim with the dolphins and whales and experience the Whale energy healing, she calls "Whale and Dolphin Medicine." Reyon is an Animal Communicator and teacher, a certified Akashic Records Consultant, a Life Path Intuitive and a Telepathic teacher. She offers an individualized Spiritual Coaching and Healing program entitled "Coaching into Consciousness". Laurie Reyon is certified to teach the Munay-Ki, Shamanic Rites of Passage and Initiation. The Munay-Ki are the nine great rites of the Peruvian Shaman which clear and create your Luminous Light Energy Body. Reyon has been named "Standing Whale Mother" by the Native Americans and she brings the wisdom and healing energies of the whales and the dolphins to the people, guided by Spirit and the energy of Master Cat Puddah. Reyon has recently received information from the Whales and Dolphins on how to use their energy to activate and calibrate the HUMAN DNA and assist the humans in preparing for Ascension. -- WEBSITE

Company & Product News

Anti-5G EMF Amber Jewelry

Anti-EMF jewelryRecent studies have shown that energetic pollution from electromagnetic frequencies may have a cumulative, negative effect both in general terms and in particular situations such as with the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices. These amber stones, infused with Vital Force Technology's 5G EMF Compensation energy pattern, protecting you by helping the body to compensate and regulate the effects to the brain and body by EMF signals from cell phones, computers, microwaves and other electrical appliances. These jewelry pieces not only improve your body's ability to overcome the negative effects of environmental energetic pollution, but help with mental concentration, and heighten your feelings of security and confidence as well. Not only are these ambers beautiful; but anyone can have their own source of 5G EMF protection and restore their strength, harmony and energetic balance. MORE INFO

circulatory formulaCirculatory Formula - This formula was created with the energetic intent to awaken human innate powers in assisting the body's circulatory system by:

- Unblocking energetic impasses of the human spiritual, mental and emotional manifestations, thus promoting an uninterrupted energy flow through the body via special energetic channeling formulas, as well as Life Energy, anti-GABA, and Substance Harmony.

- Helping to suppress destructive forces that provoke vasoconstriction, vascular hypertrophy, fibrosis, and inflammation via Blood vessel support, magnesium formulas, as well as the energetic imprint of herbs such as hawthorn, turmeric, horse chestnut, bilberry, linden, ginger and lobelia.

- Supporting the body's homeostatic relationship between the cardiovascular system and other body systems via ETI's formulas Oxygen, Heart support, Longevity, and Kidney.

This formula can be helpful as a quick and effective recovery tool after intensive exercises or physical trauma. It helps your tense muscles to relax by releasing the energy that is keeping them tight. MORE INFO


Digital Ashwagandha
ashwagandhaThe Amplified Energetic Signature of the Powerful Adaptogen Known as "Indian Ginseng". Ashwagandha is an ancient ayurvedic herb that has been classified as an adaptogen, which means it can help you to manage and adapt to stress. The Ashwagandha quantum resonance app from Subtle Energy Sciences uses your electronic devices to transmit the amplified energetic essence of this powerful adaptogenic herb directly into your biofield. Helpful for stress management, lowering cortisol, anti-cancer, depression, inflammation, improving adrenal function, reducing blood sugar levels, anxiety and boosting testosterone. This energetic Signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and produces all of the benefits of the ashwagandha herb. Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 3,000 years. MORE INFO / ORDER


VibesUp 5G Shungite Soles
5G divine solesThe most important thing we can do it get out feet grounded to the earth. When you can not be outside barefoot directly on the earth these flip flops have the earths perfect balance and concentrated elements we would normally be walking on in a infrared delivery that gives up even more energy under the pressure we provide with each step we take. These have the new 5G formula. This year we have very special new version of our vibesup earth energy soles... Shungite is the bomb!!! The most common description people give me on how it feels is euphoria. "My first experience with standing on VibesUp shungite earth material felt like a big glass of red wine but more of a healthy euphoria." – Kaitlyn K., NJ MORE INFO

Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month
"Stone of Regeneration"
garnetSpiritually: Stimulates expanded awareness and past life recall. Cleanses and re-energizes the chakras. Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini. Strengthens the root chakra.

Emotionally: Inspires love and devotion. Dissolves ingrained behavior patterns. Fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct, inspires love and devotion, alleviates emotional disharmony.

Mentally: Helps to release useless, old, or obsolete ideas.

Physically: Helps to regenerate the body and stimulate the metabolism. Assists spinal and cellular disorders. Purifies and re-energizes blood, heart, and lungs. Helps regenerate DNA. MORE INFO / ORDER

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