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Food 2.0

food The new view of food as information came from mice experiments where it was found that food fed to them profoundly altered gene expression that was then inherited by their offspring. Since then, the field of nutrigenomics has expanded into a multidisciplinary exploration. In essence, the field acknowledges that food and/or food components have gene-regulatory properties whose significance is on par with the primary nucleotide sequences of protein coding genes. In other words, food can now be considered an instrument of gene manipulation.

In this new field of Nutrigenomics, according to Choi and Frisco, "It appears that nutrients and bioactive food components can influence epigenetic phenomena either by directly inhibiting enzymes that catalyze DNA methylation or histone modifications, or by altering the availability of substrates necessary for those enzymatic reactions."

There is likewise a plethora of literature indicating that food agents such as quercetin, a bioflavonoid abundant in fruits and vegetables, kaempferol, a flavonol rich in broccoli, strawberries, beans, tea, and apples, and curcumin, found in the spice turmeric, down-regulate inflammatory responses.

Nutrigenomics, the newfound discipline which epitomizes the informational nature of food, may usher in an era of personalized nutrition recommendations based on genotypes, following in the footsteps of previous schools of thought such as Dr. Roger Williams' biochemical individuality, Dr. Abram Hoffer's orthomolecular medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland's functional medicine, Dr. Bruce Ames' triage hypothesis, Dr. Michael Friedman and Dr. Denis Wilson's restorative medicine, and Dr. Michael Gonzalez's metabolic correction.

Food's role as an epigenetic modulator of DNA expression is a powerful demonstration of its informational properties, but this is not the whole story.

Food RNAs, particularly so-called micro-RNAs (miRNAs), are capable of affecting our RNA profiles, making them extremely impactful to our health. They are carried by virus-sized microvesicles called exosomes, secreted by all plant, animal, bacterial, and fungal cells found in all the food we eat, and are capable of surviving digestive processes to significantly alter our gene expression. In 2012, a groundbreaking study by Zhang and colleagues, redefined thr notion of the human species as genetically hermetically sealed off from others within the animal, plant, and fungi kingdoms. In this sense, foodborne exosomes are the mechanism through which all living things in the biosphere are interconnected, reminiscent of a key element of the Lovelock and Margulis Gaia hypothesis.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Not only are we intimately connected with each other, we are also intimately connected with the animal and plant kingdoms (whom we consume), as well as the meta-system of the planet herself. The entire system has a vibration, and by tuning into this frequency (The Schumann Resonance), a greater level of well-being and overall health can be achieved. Use our Schumann Resonance Crystals to uplift your life force in this way.


New Theory that Consciousness Resides in an Electromagnetic Field

magnetic While consciousness is a term that is difficult to define, there is evidence to link it with the EM field of the brain. This EM field is well known and is utilized in many brain-scanning techniques such as EEG that depend on electrical signals. Pulling together research from areas ranging from biology to neuroscience to philosophy, Dr. Johnjoe McFadden author of Quantum Evolution , has published a theory on the nature of consciousness that, if found to be correct, will surely change the way we perceive ourselves and humanity as a whole.

Mc Fadden says, "there is considerable evidence that neurons do indeed communicate through the EM field (known as field coupling)." The CEMI Field Theory (Conscious Electro Magnetic Information Field Theory), to which he supplies significant supporting evidence, shows that the brain's weak but complex EM field allows each cell instant access to the information contained in every other cell in the brain. In essence it suggests that consciousness is related to the EM fields that the body produces, especially those produced by the brain. We do not have to send chemicals back and forth across the brain a zillion times to think a complex thought or process an image; it happens instantly.

Some of the more interesting evidence presented in favor of CEMI Field Theory is contained in a series of studies on individuals using transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. In TMS, an electrical current is run through a coil placed on the scalp of a given subject. This coil generates a magnetic field that penetrates the scalp and influences nerve firing patterns. The side effects on the human test subjects were fascinating and produced a wide range of cognitive disturbances, including modification of reaction time, suppression of visual perception, speech arrest, disturbances of eye movement, and mood changes. But they are not always bad.

Reporting in the journal Science on the work of cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Jordan Grafman, author Laura Helmuth writes: ‘In the past few years, for instance, researchers have found that delivering magnetic stimulation to speech areas of the brain can facilitate people to name pictures faster after the treatment. And rTMS applied to motor areas facilitates lightning-fast movements.

Newsweek notes that the Pentagon is currently sponsoring research to determine if TMS can be used to give soldiers cognitive boosts. Under the theory that if TMS can boost the abilities of patients suffering from depression, it should have the same positive effect on healthy individuals too. This research, for better or worse, again suggests that the EM fields in the body are in fact tangible and alterations in them can have a physical effect on our abilities, both cognitive and physical.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Experiments done at the University of California showed that information sent along standard acupuncture meridians travels 1000 times faster than nerve impulses. This can only be possible through a field of electromagnetic information surrounding the human body. The quantum medicine formulas available at Pure Energy Rx utilize this field to create an entirely new model of well-being creation.


5 Ways Empathy is Good for You

empathy 1. Empathy can save your life. Reading other people can help you to make decisions that are good for you. If someone is screaming, running, and yelling for you to follow, or even has a look of terror on their face, you pick up their fear and immediately tune-in to the situation. This happens physically without even knowing it, and then mentally you become alert and process what is going on. Even if you cannot understand exactly what they are saying, you pay attention. And that can be the moment you run away from a dangerous situation. Survival as a result of reading others is the core of empathy.

2. Empathy connects you to others. Beyond survival, empathy is about feeling and understanding the experiences of others. It connects you to other people in deep and meaningful ways. While it may be centered on figuring out what is going on for the other person, in that process, you nurture the important human need for connection and attachment. Empathy is the way that we feel understood and reciprocate those feelings.

3. Empathy can lower stress. Studies show that when we can regulate our emotions, we are better able to relate to others in positive ways. This is known as emotion regulation, which is the ability to take in the experiences of others without being overwhelmed. This skill is also imperative for us to de-stress ourselves. When we fully engage in empathy, we draw on skills for emotion regulation. In doing so, we are also controlling emotions that can be stressful. Thus, the side benefit from being fully engaged empathically is that we can be exercising good control over our emotions, taking care of our own stress.

4. Empathy is an antidote to burn-out. Losing one's interest and joy at work can open us to long hours of anger, depression, and frustration. Besides leaving us feeling miserable for all those hours we are at work, it is not good for our health. A team of researchers recently showed that the higher a person's empathy skills, the lower their job burn-out. This means that when we build our empathic abilities, we also build our skills at handling difficult work situations, we communicate with others in more effective ways, we understand others, and we feel better understood.

5. Empathy guides our moral compass. Perhaps larger than all of us is our moral code of conduct, that is, how we treat others and expect to be treated. Empathy helps us identify what we consider to be acceptable behavior. When we create rules that make us safe, protect us from those acting badly, and take care of those less fortunate, we are using empathy to guide those codes. Empathy is a foundation for the moral behaviors that create healthier communities, from which all of us benefit.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: The stress response of "flight-or-fight", greatly reduces the ability to empathize, setting us up for more stressful and dangerous situations. To interrupt this cycle of stress-on-stress, use our E-1 Stress Relief Formula. It re-sets both the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, eliminating the need for flight or fight.


Health & Healing Hack of the Week

The Inner Smile

innter smile This is an ancient Taoist practice, where you put your attention on an area of the body and have it smile back at you. For example, there is a pain in the right knee. Observe the pain, and then have the knee smile back to you. You may find it frowns first, but continue until there is a smile. You'll notice a marked decrease or subsiding of the pain, and perhaps some gentle throbbing in the area. This is a sign the energy flow has been restored. This is an excellent practice to do upon morning waking. (From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)


Quantum Healer of the Week

Shayna Hiller

Shayna Hiller Shayna has been leading unique wellness retreats around the world for over a decade. She is a certified 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is originally from New Jersey, but lived and learned in the jungles of Costa Rica for five years of her early adult life. This is where she experienced her most significant healing and personal transformation. It is both Shayna's passion and privilege to share her wisdom and methods to make healthy vibrant living accessible, easy, inspiring and fun. "Despite choosing to stay relatively small for many years and wish away the word ‘entrepreneur', my yoga and meditation practice surprisingly carried a similar message. The message was: 'You are not necessarily who you think you are. In fact, you are not your thoughts. You can re-birth yourself moment to moment'. Esoteric or not, this idea that my future does not have to be a product of my past and that I have full control to take a new action, believe a new thought, and that I can pave a new path, were ringing so loud, I could no longer ignore it." -- Shayna Hiller WEBSITE


Company & Product News

Clean Sweep: Instant Relief from Negative Energies
clean sweep Clean Sweep was developed in the laboratory by a team of quantum physicists. They were researching a way to clear unwanted energies or frequencies from the lab in order to make testing more accurate. In the process of this research, they discovered a way to infuse ionized water so that when sprayed into the environment, it neutralized all forms of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and even deadly Gamma radiation. Later, in human trials, Clean Sweep showed the remarkable property of also neutralizing negative emotions and feelings in humans, and was able to reduce stress response not only in humans, but also in animals and even plants. The effect of Clean Sweep is immediate, as it swiftly calms the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems. Great for contentious business meetings, family get togethers, upset infants, stressed out pets, and even house or garden plants that have been shocked. Clean Sweep is also extremely effective in clearing energies from doctors' offices, yoga studios, healer treatment rooms, car rentals, hotel rooms and aircraft. Clean Sweep is also an excellent self-treatment aid that creates a "bubble" of zero-negative space, making it much easier to meditate or concentrate on a task. The effect lasts approximately 3-6 hours, and with a few spritzes into the corners of a room, the space is cleared. Check out the Clean Sweep testimonials, and give Clean Sweep a try! Clean Sweep is available in three sizes and a concentrate, with case prices available. MORE INFO / ORDER


Meditation Technology from IAwake
iAwake iAwake's unique approaches to session design entrain both our nervous and our subtle energy systems, by combining traditional entrainment methods with newer applications based on the power of resonance. In addition to increasing intelligence, creativity, flow, and skillfulness in practically any activity that requires the human body-mind, with iAwake Technologies, we enter into deep healing brainwave states almost immediately while listening to these audio tracks. We are living in the golden age of understanding the human brain: neuroscience has learned more about the human brain in the last few years than in the previous 5,000. We now understand that the brain is an incredibly evolutionary and dynamic living system that is truly the most complex and wondrous organism in the known universe. We have discovered that the brain is capable of growth and transformation throughout our lives and has the capacity to keep functioning at ever-higher levels. Download free meditation tracks here!


Gem Elixir for the Month


"Stone for Spiritual Journeying"


Spiritually: Creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms during spiritual journeys. Allows information to be transmitted from the spiritual realm. Helpful in metaphysical workings at all levels. Enhances intuition and prophecy and shows you the way forward for your spiritual growth. Facilitates deep karmic healing. Links to the higher self. Enhances visualization and deep meditation. Carrier of the Akashic Record. Used to heal the "healers."

Emotionally: Alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, uncovering and healing the dis-ease that creates them. Releases suppressed emotions. Allows uncertainty to be tolerated.

Mentally: Reduces stress, releases mental blockages and negative thought patterns.

Physically: Possible potent detoxifier; may work on the respiratory system, allergies, skin problems and regeneration of the mucus membranes, brain disorders, connective tissue repair, and much more; may be useful for going to the root cause of the problem.

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