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Meditation Elixir -Zen (1 oz.)

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The Zen formula helps to create the “Zen” state of mind, to stop the internal chatter and to achieve a deep meditative state while cleaning and protecting the body from negative external energetic influences. The Zen formula contains powerful energies that help create emotional balance, dispel stress and clear the way for maintaining a calm, positive meditation environment. The energy imprints of several powerful crystals stimulate a resonance with the creative balance of nature, creating a sense of renewal, abundance and growth. Other energies provide protection from external influences acting like a virtual shield to keep you in a state of harmonious balance and tranquility.


The VibesUp Gem Elixir and Essential Oil Diffuser. 

Vibes Up Oil / Elixir Diffuser

Use this Trinity Elixir and/or any of the Divine Archetypes formulas and oils with this unique and amazing diffuser.  ORDER HERE (VibesUp)


Use IAwake Meditation Technologies with this formula
for an amazing experience.