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Chakra Mist  6th Chakra (3rd Eye)

Chakra Mist 6th Chakra (3rd Eye)

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Mahat Tattva: All of the Elements Combined Sixth Chakra.

The definition of Ajna is "to perceive." It can also mean "to command." Our memories and perceptions influence and shape the events that take place in our lives just as words shape the world. We command our visions to come into reality. The most developed example of the potential of a functioning Ajna chakra is clairvoyant sight, or psychic ability. Individuals who are open are aware of their perceptions and are able to interpret them in a practical way. Nightmares, headaches, and vision trouble are sometimes the result of a closed third eye. Hallucinations and confusion result from over-interpreting regular events and having this chakra open too widely without reasonable foundations. You may use this mister to balance this chakra and bring the gifts forward.