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Chakra Mist -1st Chakra (Root)

Chakra Mist -1st Chakra (Root)

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Muladhara: foundation, base (mul - base, adhara - support)- First Chakra.
Primal Element: Earth produces this center. "Spilled on this earth are all the joys of heaven." - Anonymous

Muladhara holds the following gifts:

  • Color - blood red/crimson
  • Being grounded, earth connection
  • Stability, security, a sense of belonging
  • Raw sexuality, body pleasure
  • Body knowledge, instinctual knowing
  • Inner-security and foundation of self
  • Wisely executing earth gifts (i.e. essential oils, crystals, metals/minerals, plant essences)
Shadow issues:
  • Energetically anemic, feeling cut off and isolated
  • Ambivalence towards life, poverty consciousness, substance abuse, or any type of drastic escapism
  • Sex for any type of 'exchange' or to 'feel'
  • Not living in a sustainable way that supports the earth