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20% OFF Energy Pack: Immunity

20% OFF Energy Pack: Immunity

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Enthusiastic media coverage notwithstanding, colds and flu come to us to help detoxify, balance, and renew the body, slowing us down in order to re-evaluate our lives, and decide to make healthier choices.

By acknowledging the wisdom of Nature and our body, and consciously assisting with plenty of fresh air, pure water, clean food, and energetic supports, we reduce the need for dramatic emergency responses such as disease.

The Immunity Pack is a four-pronged approach to energetically support the body in its process of living comfortably in its environment.

PureZyme Transformation Enzyme Formula - This formula is high grade protease, the primary enzyme for breaking down not only proteins in the food we eat, but also breaking down the proteins of harmful bacteria, viruses and waste material. PureZyme assists the body in purifying the blood and vital organs.

E4 Foundation/Immune Formula
- E4 strengthens and establishes a vital connection between the upper and lower energy centers of the body. This enhances immune functions, and improves nutrient uptake, amplifying the beneficial effects of supplements and herbal nostrums, as well as improving overall energy and well-being.

Trinity Turquoise Gem Elixir
- The Turquoise gemstone is revered in Native American cultures as the "great protector", and has been shown in the laboratory to have beneficial effects for the immune system, reducing the virulance of bacterial and viral agents.

Vital Force Chakra Cleansing and Protection Crystal
- Wearing or holding this crystal bathes the body in a protective and energizing subtle energy field that clears blocked energy centers, allowing for greater vitality and overall immunity.



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