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USI-Tech - Super-Passive Income with Cryptocurrency trading - 1% Per Day

Pure Energy Rx has registered with USI-Tech that provides passive income daily from Forex and crypto-currency trading. A remarkable system uses an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) that international bankers use to compound "earnings". Register with us for free. Come in with the minimum $60, and we receive a commission. Once you are registered, you can, too, from anyone who does the same. Check out the video below and be amazed, and inspired.

If you decide to become a recipient of the greatest wealth re-distribution program in history, register HERE.


I stumbled across USI-Tech when a member of a discussion group I was in said he found something interesting that could change the income disparity game on the planet.

My ears perked up, and I followed the links to a video and to the USI-Tech website. I watched several YouTube vids--some pro, some con--but the difference was that the "con" videos were by people who were questioning and trying to debunk the system USI-Tech uses, and the "pro" people were those who were actually in it, and making money. Can you say, "Looking a gift horse in the mouth?"

Anywho, I registered to be a recipient, and threw $130 into the kitty as a test to see for myself what the system would do. Lo and behold, 3 days in, and I'd already made a little over 1% per day on my spend. Do the math.

USI-Tech sells "packages" of Bitcoin that are entered into an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) matrix, where only trades that will result in around 1% return are executed. This is possible because with AI currency trading, hundreds of thousands of trades occur every SECOND. With that kind of speed and sheer numbers, it's not too hard to conceive that there would always be a way to increase the bid.

Now, and here's where it gets interesting, you can opt in to a "automatic package buy", where when your earnings equal the price of a new package (around $65), the system automatically buys it for you and enters it into the system. Say you started out with 2 packages and your earnings buy you another one. Now you have 3 accumulating 1% per day. This starts compounding, so that with this automatic re-buy, your initial investment of $130 would over the course of a YEAR would earn you over $100,000. And that is doing absolutely nothing--just letting it run, as you go about your life.

Of course, few people I know could resist the fun of buying up more packages, but here is what else can happen: you are paid 10% commission on anyone who you sponsor into the program. So, if your plumbing contractor decided to dump $100,000 into Packages, you'd receive a $1000 commission, which you could turn around and buy about 8 packages. Now you have 11 of those babies racking up 1% a day.

The thing that I find so delightfully subversive about this is that these A.I. trading programs is what the international banks and billionaires use to create money on currencies. It's the main reason there has been a tremendous sucking of the money supply from the middle class to the upper 1%.

USI-Tech is turning the system around on itself, making it available to the little guy down on the street, who can now see "earnings" and compounding equal to what the Fat Cats have been getting. It levels the playing field and hints at a solution for income inequality.

I believe that if this catches on--if people would just put aside their pre-conceived notions--it could claw back the money essentially "stolen" from the middle class by insiders who use secretive techniques and tools carefully NOT made available to the working man and woman.

In other words, the "Cat's out of the bag" at this point, as USI-Tech has made more millionaires in less than a year than any other financial program, MLM, or other investment scheme PUT TOGETHER. It's going viral, folks. And now is the time to save ourselves from further financial abuse, and regain our god-given right to ease and comfort in our lives.

Check out this video where a happy USI-Tech member shows how fast thousands of dollars can accumulate in your account with just a $65 spend. 

Boyd Martin, Caretaker
Pure Energy Rx