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Vital Force Crystal - Longevity

Vital Force Crystal - Longevity

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Beautiful Swarovski Crystals Charged with Subtle Energy!

Longevity is a broad spectrum foundational energetic pattern that influences and strengthens the body's subtle energy system across the board. In order for the human system to maintain optimal health it has to have an ample supply of systemic energy.

Longevity has demonstrated the ability to influence the system in the following ways:

  • Boosting cellular and sub-cellular energy.
  • Stabilizing and strengthen whatever organ or system is most chaotic and disorganized on the energetic level.
  • Providing an ample supply of energy and restoration of function to whatever tissues happen to be under the most duress.
  • 35mm(approx. 1 1/3 in.) 
  • Italian Silver Chain available
    This formula was created with the intent to energetically help the body better manage the interaction between our genetic uniqueness and the existing environment, and thereby improve our genetic potential and decrease age-related chronic conditions.

    This product works with an energetic template to: a) influence and strengthen the subtle system of whatever organ or system is the most chaotic and disorganized on the energetic level; b) activate the body’s anti-aging potential by supporting equilibrium within the hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal-thyroid axis; c) create the possibility of energetically mitigating against DNA damage; d) possibly improve the energetic interaction between the human gene matrix and environmentally derived signals, and thus energetically support the human genotype on the level of each individual’s needs, as well as energetically maintaining the body’s functional reserve. According to Dr. Jeff Marrongelle and Dr. Stephen Davis, Longevity formula is one of the broadest and most physiological of all ETI energy formulas and might create the global effect on any type of physical conditions. Also, Longevity formula might work in that space of cellular metabolism and respiration and inner cellular function, providing energy to that which creates our life force, and that is one cell at a time. So, whether it is an organ or tissue or organ system, they all need to have a capability to rejuvenate, regenerate and create healthy, normal, vibrant cells. That is what Longevity formula is about.

    The in-vitro experiment with Cells Longevity formula was done at the Riga Stradins University in Latvia. It was focused on subtle energy’s ability to influence cell’s viability and the mitochondrial membrane potential under “food deprivation” conditions. A human embryonic kidney cell line (HEK-293) was used for the experiment. The experimental results showed an extraordinary ability of the Cells Longevity formula to provide high viability and proliferation of cells in food deprivation conditions, actually increasing the cell viability for 46% higher than the control group. In addition, the researchers studied subtle energy’s effects on cells when strong mitochondrial toxins are present, and found that in the infused media, the viability of cells was better—not only in comparison with the control containing mitochondrial poison, but even in comparison with the non-poisoned control.

    Currently, the VFT lab is developing a new anti-aging formula that might energetically enhance the body’s natural ability to build new mitochondria, thereby increasing the body’s energy level, as well as improving metabolic functions and decreasing oxidative stress and/or any low-grade inflammation. This formula will also include an energy pattern that potentiates Nrf2 activities and thus can be beneficial in preventing the developing of many age-related diseases or harmful health conditions.


    Latest research summary from Energy Tools on aging and possible remediations.

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