Performance Optimizer Concentrate - Subtle Energy Enhanced Electrolyte Formula

Performance Optimizer Concentrate - Subtle Energy Enhanced Electrolyte Formula

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Pleasant citrus taste. 2 oz. Performance Optimizer Electrolytes™ concentrate makes 20, 32 oz. /1 liter servings, or 5 gallons of refreshing sports electrolyte drink.

High-Performance Optimizer Electrolytes:

  • Optimizes hydration
  • Improves heat tolerance
  • Stimulates muscle function
  • Converts energy into peak performance
  • Recover faster from extreme sports workouts

    Contains bio-energetic nutrients with a delicious hint of lemon. Drink Performance Optimizer™ Electrolytes for optimized hydration, improved heat tolerance, boosted muscle function, and turbo-charged energy conversion. Optimizes your body's natural strength, physical balance and helps its ability to assimilate oxygen. Focuses your mind and helps improve performance under strenuous physical, mental, and psychological conditions. Helps create power and stability for increased stamina and quicker recovery.

    Nothing Artificial. No Sugar. No Sticky Mess. Simply mix with water for a crystal-clear energy drink with refreshing lemon and no after-taste.

    Energy Tools International™ athletic performance products are all-natural and charged with bio-energy. No additives, no sugar, no preservatives. Feel good about getting in good shape! Get yours today!

    All Vital Force product descriptions refer to energetic effects. Vital Force products stimulate the flow of energy in the body’s energetic system, which works like a ‘software program’ to support the body’s natural ability to regulate its many functions. No functional claims are made by the Company.

    Ingredients: Sea Water, Purified Water, Low sodium Sea Mineral Concentrate, Citric Acid, (Plant Sources), Potassium Chloride, Zinc Sulfate.

    In compliance with federal regulatory policies and U.S. laws, no health claims are made by the Company to customers regarding the treatment of any disease or illness employing formulas created by its Vital Force Technology™.