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Divine Archetypes - Primal Elements Mists

Elemental Mists potentize elemental features in the environment. For example, feeling spaced out? Use Earth Mist. It'll ground you right out. Feeling flat, dry, emotionally drained? Use Water Mist. Heavy, stuck, no ideas, no inspiration? Use Air Mist. You get the idea. These are highly charged with subtle energy and work instantly.

"A Divine Archetype can be understood as a model that embodies an aspect of the collective unconscious, complex thought forms, which can be thought of as unconscious organizers of ideas ultimately leading to behaviors. Simply put, one can try on different aspects of the divine as easily as slipping on a new sweater by leveraging the associated vibrational pattern embodied within the corresponding essential oil, or vibrational essence. With focused work and active intent working with the Divine Archetypes lines will allow one to energetically align with the energetic blueprint held within the desired archetype or qualia, re-patterning personal energies allowing one to consciously craft personal energies and mold the deepest aspects of Self at will." -- Candice Covington


Candice Covington is a Certified Aromatherapist (ACHS), Healing Arts Master (The Chopra Center), Body & Energy Worker (UCMT), Studied Energy Theory in Bylakuppe, India.

Former instructor at Ashmead College (Ayurvedic Theory & Aromatherapy), Primary Aromatherapist for Chopra Center Events (specializing in esoteric/energy theory).

She is the founder of Divine Archetypes, a company whose products specialize in the energetic properties of essential oils and their metaphysical aspects. Her products and teachings, are based upon the energetic properties of The Five Great Elements, Vibration, and Archetypes, facilitating the practice of "Consciously Crafting Self™"


Twice a day at work I have a ritual removal of my eye glasses, self misting of my work area with Fire, two or three spritzes. The wave of freshness and focus keeps me sailing another couple, three hours! -- Charles, Lake Oswego, OR

Ether is my FAVE! Although it's not in the Chakra line, I think it should be in the "This will take you cosmic" section! -- Trish, Cardiff-by-the sea, CA

Air. Started the morning with love, forgiveness and grace. Yummy! -- Sonia, New Zealand

Also see Candice's book, Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice

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