This Quantum Life #176 - Creating With The Creator

creating with the creatorOkay. I'm going to be blunt: Creation and promotion of the "Savior Complex" is one of--if not THE--primary psychological operations of religion. It was designed to surgically remove self-empowerment, re-locate Source "over there" somewhere, and codify a set of requirements before judging someone as "worthy" to receive the attention of said Savior. This is basically institutionalized spiritual blackmail: Do what we say, or the Savior will never save you. When "the savior" becomes God, the psy-op is complete as we suffer and writhe in pain and hopelessness visited upon us by a "god" who deemed us unworthy--or worse--worthy of punishment for not adhering to religious dictates claiming to be divine decrees. 

Of course the true reality is that if there is any "saving" needing to be done, it is US doing it, regardless of appearances or declarations. But the psy-op was so convincing we voluntarily threw away our personal power, and worse, our direct connection to the Creator, believing we weren't "good" enough to have a wonderful, loving experience of life. The utter cruelty and indignity of this matrix aside, choice remains the "back door" escape from the psy-op.

Further cruelty and indignity ensues when even after making the choice to embrace our sovereignty, there are nagging fears and worries about our value and our violations of an authoritarian code that said we were incapable and undeserving of creating anything for ourselves.

This is where we need to read the headline: The Creator Wants You To Be A Creator Too. In fact, when we create something good in the world--even if only imaginary--The Creator is right there with us, urging us on, and amplifying our inspiration. The psy-op got us believing that anything we personally create is morally questionable, because, you know, we're rotten to the core and unworthy of sovereignty. Of course, this is opposite the truth.

Writ large on our DNA is a "Goodness Code". We all know what this is. It is what drives us to create kindness, beauty, mercy and grace in the world, and is anathema to cruelty, ugliness, malice and ignorance. When we act from our Goodness Code, God is with us, opening possibilities and revealing opportunities for more of the same. Choices to create ill in the world only karmically boomerang back on us as further proof of our unworthiness.

So there is a kind of built-in Cosmic structure biased in favor of expanding love and nurturing goodness. Choosing to go against this structure only mirrors back our cruelty and darkness that ultimately falls into oblivion under the weight of its own distortions.

The colloquial phrase, "God helps those who help themselves" needs the caveat, " good in the world". And this sums up the human-god relationship. We intend to see good in the world, and Source/Creator/God reaches through our portal with all the love and universal power necessary to get the job done. It is only the psy-op-created fear of failure and self-disempowerment that reduces that portal to a pinhole, injecting doubt, worry and indecision into what could be something beautiful and good in the world.

Bottom line? We project the vision and intention of goodness, and the Creator provides the horsepower to get it done--providing the inspiration, perspective and love with which we can imbue our actions. And through this divine partnership, restoration of Earth and Humanity is certain, as dark damage is repaired, faith is restored and peace and abundance reign.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin

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