Quantum Health News June Issue 1, 2019

Peaceful Protests Beat Violent Ones--By A Lot

peaceful protest Compelling research by Erica Chenoweth, a political scientist at Harvard University, confirms that civil disobedience is not only the moral choice; it is also the most powerful way of shaping world politics--by a long way. Looking at hundreds of campaigns over the last century, Chenoweth found that nonviolent campaigns are twice as likely to achieve their goals as violent campaigns. And although the exact dynamics will depend on many factors, she has shown it takes around 3.5% of the population actively participating in the protests to ensure serious political change.

Overall, nonviolent campaigns were twice as likely to succeed as violent campaigns: they led to political change 53% of the time compared to 26% for the violent protests. This was partly the result of strength in numbers. Chenoweth argues that nonviolent campaigns are more likely to succeed because they can recruit many more participants from a much broader demographic, which can cause severe disruption that paralyses normal urban life and the functioning of society.

In fact, of the 25 largest campaigns that they studied, 20 were nonviolent, and 14 of these were outright successes. Overall, the nonviolent campaigns attracted around four times as many participants (200,000) as the average violent campaign (50,000).

"There weren't any campaigns that had failed after they had achieved 3.5% participation during a peak event," says Chenoweth--a phenomenon she has called the "3.5% rule". Ultimately, she would like our history books to pay greater attention to nonviolent campaigns rather than concentrating so heavily on warfare. "So many of the histories that we tell one another focus on violence--and even if it is a total disaster, we still find a way to find victories within it," she says. Yet we tend to ignore the success of peaceful protest, she says.

"Ordinary people, all the time, are engaging in pretty heroic activities that are actually changing the way the world is run-–and those deserve some notice and celebration as well."

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Carry the Vital Force Inner Peace Crystal with you on your next demonstration tour. It forms a field of calm, peaceful energy that can be felt up to four feet away--enough to cause a chain reaction in your fellow demonstrators!

Mindfulness and Meditation Grade School Curriculum

kids meditation Most of the time, when children act out by kicking and screaming expletives, it is because they do not understand what they are going through, and cannot find a better way to release their feelings. When a child acts out, know that it is most likely because they are struggling to understand complex emotions that they are feeling for the first time in their lives.

Schools in England have started to tackle this problem in a new way, and that is by teaching mindfulness and meditation in the classroom to improve the youth's overall mental health. In 370 schools across the country, children will be taught how to meditate, techniques for muscle relaxation and breathing exercises for mindfulness. The secondary school students will also get a more hands-on education to learn about awareness and how to increase this in their everyday lives. This program is being done under the mental health study that the British government is running up until 2021.

England isn't the only country that has added mindfulness as a subject among schools. In 2016, a school in Baltimore decided to replace detention for an area where the children could go to an practice some breathing and stretching exercises instead. This is a way to keep the students calmer in order to increase their focus within the classroom.

A student that was sent to the "mindful moment room" for pushing and name-calling a fellow classmate describes it to CNN as: "I did some deep breathing, had a little snack, and I got myself together. Then I apologized to my class."

The school believes rather than punishing and embarrassing the child in front of their peers, which was probably the cause of the problem from the very beginning, a self-assessment, mindfulness approach with silent meditation is far more useful. Teaching children how to deal with emotions will most likely be very foreign and uncomfortable, but it will reap the benefits in the end. The goal is to have the children master the habit of clearing their mind from stress and anxiety, and being present and more focused in class.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: You can create meditative energy in the home by using our Clean Sweep Clearing Spray. Just spritz the corners of any room and feel the calm and peace. Great for calming rambunctious kids, or when you would like to do some home schooling, homework, or teach the little growlers some yoga poses.

Awakening Ikigai

meaningful life In Japan, the secret to living a longer, happier and more fulfilled life can be summed up in one word: Ikigai. In Japanese, iki means "to live" and gai means "reason"--in other words, your reason to live. This ideology dates to the Heian period (A.D. 794 to 1185), but only in the past decade has it gained attention from millions around the world. The ikigai way of life is especially prominent Okinawa, in a group of islands south of mainland Japan. (It has also been nicknamed the "Land of Immortals" because it has among the longest lifespans and highest rates of centenarians in the world.)

In a 2008 study from Tohoku University, researchers analyzed data from more than 50,000 participants (ages 40 to 79) and found that those who reported having ikigai in their lives had reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases and lower mortality rates. Put another way, 95% of respondents who had ikigai were still alive seven years after the initial survey compared to the 83% who didn't.

The Ikigai Way

  • 1. Starting small - Starting small and executing every step with care is the very ethos of this pillar — and it applies to everything you do in life. Artisanal farmers, for example, devote all their time and effort into creating the best and tastiest produce. They get the soil right. They prune and water their produce with care. Their sense of starting small propels them to go incredible lengths.
  • 2. Releasing yourself - When you release yourself, you're able to let go of your obsessions and see things that matter to you in a more clear and positive light. Practicing self-acceptance is vital to this pillar — and yet, it's also one of the most difficult tasks we face in our lives.
  • 3. Harmony and sustainability - Cultivating and maintaining--a sense of community will provide you with a strong support system to carry you through life's most challenging moments.
  • 4. The joy of small things - Finding joy in the small things — the morning air, a cup of coffee or the ray of sunshine — should be part of what motivates you to get up each morning.
  • 5. Being in the here and now - This pillar is perhaps the most profound. To be in the here and now, it's important to focus on the present and practice mindfulness every day.
QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use our Success & Achievement Elixir to fire up those areas of the brain for focus, appreciation, gratitude, and self-acceptance--all good things for finding your ikigai.

Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Heart Coherence

heart coherence Doc Childre, founder of the Hearth Math Institute, has done extensive research on the power of the heart to regulate the brain and the body. The heart emits an electromagnetic field many times more powerful than the brain's. Research has also shown that the brain responds to commands from the heart as its top priority, basically meaning that the heart runs things when it comes to the body. The Heart Math Institute came up with the concept of "Heart Coherence", meaning the heart is "coherent" or in step with the highest aspirations of the mind, and is creating a coherent, or single, vibration that can then be transmitted throughout the brain and body. You can easily create a state of coherence in about 60 seconds by releasing stress and stopping draining emotions such as frustration, irritation, anxiety and anger. When you are in a coherent state, your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you experience ease and inner harmony. The "Quick Coherence Technique" can be found here - The first part of this exercise is moving the attention down from the head to the heart. This alone creates a certain degree of coherence because you are centering yourself where the main commands to the brain are coming from, thus you are more able to use the body's intelligence. I like to use this when employing mindfulness. From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Anrita Melchizedek

Anrita Melchizedek pic Priestess, Master Healer, Intuitive Apothecarist, Starseed, Light Weaver, Angel Messenger, Wayshower, Catalyst, Empath, Soul Reader and Mother.Anrita Melchizedek was born with many of her ESP gifts already activated, and in communication with the Company of Heaven as an empath, channel, and natural healer.As a Soul Reader, Master Healer and Light Weaver Anrita sees the Light codes of potentiality within energy fields and draws from these Light codes and blueprints when assisting in the healings of others. This allows her to assist others in deepening into their universal gifts and weaving their codes of potentiality into their greatest expression of Self as Flames of Divinity walking this Path of Love.She further embodies and transmits the energy of Love as a conduit for the Divine Mother, Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light.Anrita's path of Earth Service is to bring online the New Earth Templates of Love, vitality, good health, abundance, joy and manifestation and amplify these gifts as we deepen our connection to the Divine Mother in Unity, Community, Peace and Love.Anrita's teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery. WEBSITE

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Subtle Energy Infused Hemp Oil
hemp oil Vital Force Technology (VFT) lab has created Vital360 CBD formula that combines several energy patterns based on different extracts of the Cannabis plant and infused them into the full spectrum cannabinoid extract (Elixinol Hemp Oil). This differs from other hemp oils on the market in that more healing constituents of the cannabis plant are represented energetically within the oil, using a proprietary process developed by Russian physicist, Dr. Yury Kronn. This process increases the healing potential of the oil up to several orders of magnitude. Numerous studies confirm the importance of the endocannabinoid signaling system in decreasing acute and chronic pain, especially from inflammation. VitalForce360 Hemp Oil improves the body's homeostasis mechanism by supporting the human endocannabinoids system; improves overall wellness; is calming and soothing to the senses; helps replenish and sustain the body during stress; and improves poor concentration and overall weakness. Available in two levels of CBD concentrations. MORE INFO

Gem Elixir for the Month

"Stone of Deep Healing and Protection"

Obsidian Spiritually: Vitalizes soul purpose through deep soul healing, promoting spiritual integrity. Stimulates growth on all levels. Encourages exploration of the unknown in inner journeys.

Emotionally: Helps you to know who you truly are. Provides insight into emotional blockages and ancient traumas. Promotes compassion and strength.

Mentally: Brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion and constricting beliefs.

Physically: Helps provide insight into the cause of disease. Helps to detoxify, dissolving blockages in the physical and subtle bodies; aida in digestion. Helps to reduce pain of arthritis, joints, and injuries.

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