Quantum Health News - Full Moon in Pisces, September 2019

Literally Dance Your Troubles Away



In 2013, psychologists at the University of Örebro realized an experiment with a group of teenagers who suffered from anxiety, depression and stress, in addition to presenting psychosomatic symptoms such as neck and back pain. Half of these were asked to attend two dance classes a week, while the rest continued with their daily routine. After two years, those who continued to attend the dance classes (where emphasis was on the pleasure of the movement rather than performance), not only showed a significant improvement in psychosomatic symptoms, but also reported to feel happier.


In another study conducted at the University of Derby, the psychologists worked with people who were suffering from depression. These people received "salsa" lessons for a period of nine weeks. The improvements began to be appreciated after four weeks and, after finishing the course, the participants said they had fewer negative thoughts, better concentration and a greater sense of peace and tranquility.

But the truth is that dance is not only an excellent therapeutic resource. A study at Deakin University revealed that dance has a very positive effect on our daily lives. These Australian researchers interviewed 1,000 people and found that often those who were dancing not only reported feeling happier, but also more satisfied with their lives, especially in relationships, health, and the goals achieved over the years.

Interestingly, also the psychologists at the University of New York discovered a similar effect in children. These researchers worked with 120 children, aged 2 to 5 years old, who were exposed to different types of sound stimuli, some were rhythmic and imitated the rhythm of the music, others were completely arrhythmic. They could appreciate that children who were moving following the rhythmic movements showed more positive emotions and felt happier. Therefore, these researchers concluded that not only we have a tendency to move to the beat of the music, but also that dancing improves our mood. When we dance our brain releases endorphins, hormones which can trigger neurotransmitters that create a feeling of comfort, relaxation, fun and power. Music and dance do not only activate the sensory and motor circuits of our brain, but also the pleasure centers.

Indeed, neuroscientists at Columbia University say that when we move in tune with the rhythm, the positive effects of music are amplified. Therefore, a little secret to make the most of the music is to synchronize our movements with the beat, so we will be doubling the pleasure.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Studies have also found that the CBD in Hemp Oil improves mood, reduces pain, and increases overall well-being. Take our Vital Force 360 Super-amplified hemp oil while you dance for a quantum leap in fun!


You Can Now Be Prescribed "Gardening" By Your Doctor


gardeningScientists have found that spending two hours a week in nature is linked to better health and well-being. It's maybe not entirely surprising then that some patients are increasingly being prescribed time in nature and community gardening projects as part of "green prescriptions". In Shetland, Scotland, for example, islanders with depression and anxiety may be given "nature prescriptions", with doctors there recommending walks and activities that allow people to connect with the outdoors.

Social prescriptions--non-medical treatments which have health benefits--are already used to tackle anxiety, loneliness and depression. They often involve the referral of patients to a community or voluntary organisation, where they can carry out activities which help to meet their social and emotional needs, and increasingly doctors are opting for community gardening--as this also has the added benefit of involving time spent in nature--even in highly built up areas.

And the evidence base for such treatments is growing, with research indicating that social prescribing can help to improve patient's anxiety levels and general health. Findings also seem to suggest that social prescribing schemes can lead to a reduction in public health services. Research shows that gardening can directly improve people's well-being. And that taking part in community gardening can also encourage people to adopt healthier behaviours.

Growing food is often the driving force behind community gardening projects, whether purely for the consumption of the gardeners or for local distribution or sale. Working together towards shared goals can create a real sense of community. And in a garden, a feeling of connection may develop, not just with other people, but with the living world as a whole. So because people's relationships with the living world affects their behaviors towards it, taking part in community gardening could also make people old and young more environmentally conscious and responsible.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use the Divine Archetypes Primal Elements Mists to immerse yourself in individual elements, as you do your gardening, to powerfully connect to the ecosystem and increase nervous system resonance with the planet.


Your Skeleton As a Storage Device


vibrationHuman (and all species with bones and exoskeletons) skeletons are porous. They have mini-chambers, that is minute musical chambers, where all sounds are echoed and cached by the body. Osteology is the study of bones - yet we are moving further down the pathway to understanding cognitive resonance therapies and re-calibration techniques. Firstly however humans need to understand that their voices, and their words carry electromagnetic charge and frequency and amplitude and resonance. If either or all of these variables contain non-harmonic "ingredients" the resonant entropy stored by the skeleton and all "bone chambers" hold such memory and disturb physical and psychological efficacy in humans.

Chiropathy is widely acknowledged as the premise for well-being and preventative "medicine" (unlike traditional medicine which is symptomatic and which only serves to treat symptoms.) Bones, through their re-alignment and their manipulation holds much promise of well-being, but this largely only "goes halfway". The internal resonance of bones are governed by the owner of the bones and what they conduct through their vocal chords. Voicing constant negativity, and "negative" emotional charge throughout ones life effects the chambers of the bones dramatically. So real is this "charge-based entropy", that the constant resonant echo of bones can disturb the DNA further. People that moan, complain, argue, and or are depressed are perpetrating the furtherance of their negative bone dis-harmonic entropy so much so that death follows these persons far quicker than people that do not.

Humans thus have bones and micro-chambers therein storing a multitude of sounds made from inside of them and from outside of them. Both quality and quantity of these sounds are stored. All sounds around us create "cache or bone resonance". It is easily measured that cancer patients have psychological history of anger and distress that created adverse osteological resonance. The "quality" of our bones resonant memories (bone RAM or cache), that is, the electromagnetic charge quality (either "harmonical" and beautiful - or dis-harmonic and terrible) effects out bodies and minds profoundly via being stored and "remembered".

Our bones and "consciousness" are seeking these cycles of "solitude and rejuvenation". The world over Fakirs, Yogis and transcendentalists have preached the value of silence and solitude - or at least saying very little - and if anything must be said that it is "said via a "soft and kind tonality". All humans need to understand silence and verbal restraint is most important in serving and servicing their "bone cache". Verbalizing and emoting on constant sterile life-dramas is a musical performance your body can do without.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Just as our bones store and react to the sounds and other environmental vibrations, the "master vibration" of the planet herself has profound, long-term effects on the body and emotions. Use our Schumann Resonance Crystals to set up beneficial and healing resonances with Gaia.


Health & Healing Hack of the Week


Hand Massage

hand massageThis employs elements of acupressure and reflexology. Each area of the hand (and foot) correlates with all the organ systems of the body, so massaging these areas increases the energy and blood flow to all the body systems--and it's all right there in the palm of your hand. Another style of this practice is to begin a massaging motion with the index finger and thumb of the holding hand, sliding it along each finger. This is a great way to relieve stress and creates comforting feelings. In reflexology, one presses firmly with the opposing thumb into different areas of the palm. When a particularly tender area is found, focus in on that, applying steady pressure until the area releases. Often, you'll feel a knot under the tender spot. This is where the energy has gotten stuck and is not circulating. Keep massaging it until the knot releases. This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours. In the case of a stubborn knot begin to notice any change in the knot, leave it and return later. You'll often find it has released on its own. From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)


Quantum Healer of the Week


Dorian Light picDorian Light

As a licensed hypnotherpist, I see the subconscious mind more in the realm of the 3D physicality as a processor of information and I see the soul as the spark of the divine living within us that knows all things but also has stored incarnated experiences, lessons and programs. The subconscious mind starts storing patterns of information in utero and after birth runs in theta state throughout our childhood until we are approximately seven. In that theta state, we start storing everything from this lifetime that will make us "who we are". The spark of the soul within us that has incarnated lifetime after lifetime has it's own programming patterns of information stored in it when it incarnates into this lifetime. Therefore, in my experience, I believe that as a therapist to facilitate a true shift in someone's consciousness, I need to work with the patterns of the subconscious mind but also the stored soul programming (i.e., past lives). Hence--Psychic Energetics (subconscious) and Language of Light (soul programming and subconscious). WEBSITE


Company & Product News

Refer Your Friends for Commissions

affiliatePure Energy Rx now has an affiliate program built in to the store. Refer your friends and family, and when they purchase, you get a commission! We pay between 25% and 10%, depending on the product or formula. Commissions are paid per sale daily. Signup is simple and quick, and we provide links and banners to use in your communications--website, social media, emails. When your friends click on your custom link and purchase products, you automatically receive a commission. You can use your own link to get paid back for purchases you make. Such a deal! Yet another fun thing to do at Pure Energy Rx!



AMAZING PRODUCT ALERT: Subtle Energy Sciences - Increase Qi
QiSafely and easily increase your internal qi energy. This energetic signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and is designed to increase qi energy in the body. Qi is the Chinese term for life energy, or life spirit, a vital force that flows through all living things. It is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, qigong and the Chinese martial arts. These Ultra Strength quantum energy qi apps are energetically encoded picture files that transform your electronic devices into powerful vibrational tools for healing and personal development. These images do not require the use of sound or audio. Instead, This app operates via subtle energetic vibration and resonance. Just open the energetically encoded image file according to the instructions, which differ depending on what electronic device you use to open the file, and it will automatically broadcast its quantum energy patterns through your electronic device. And there's no need to actually "look" at the image in order for the app to work. Just set it and forget it. It's that simple. Any of the images can be used on any computer, mac, mp3 player, phone or tablet. Want to amplify the energy of the app? No problem! On any computer, laptop or mac, just follow the included instructions, and you can easily amplify the energy as much as you like. Just this feature alone makes this an immense value. MORE INFO


AMAZING PRODUCT ALERT: VibesUp Crystalline Shoe/Sandal Inserts
shoe insertsThe newest Earth Mats contain all the advancements of prior evolutions of our Earth Therapy Materials: Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, Zeolite and Super Shrunk formulas! The Double Stuff Formula contains double the stones, Flower Essences, essential oils and Liquid Crystal, making the Earth Mat material extra potent with the yummy earth ingredients! Puffy Crystals amplify the conductivity and strength of the Earth Mat material. By adding this formula, it creates tiny bridges for the energy to move through the base of our Earth Mat material. Testing showed by adding this ingredient, the Earth Mat material is several times stronger energetically and now works out both sides. Super Shrunk aids in compressing the tiny quartz spheres to amply the piezo electricity! Grounding, Ionizing, Vibration Raising & Earth Nurturing- Vibrational Therapy Soles for bringing the balance of nature back into our modern lifestyles. Pulls out the non beneficial energies and feeds back nature's nurture. Grounding has been shown to also help with pain relief, cortisol levels, (stress) hormone balancing, inflammation and MUCH more. The bottom of our Feet are our plug-ins! MORE INFO


High CBD Hemp Oil Back in Stock!
Hemp OilHere's your chance! Time to stock up on one of the most effective and potent versions of High CBD Hemp Oil with Vital 360 Hemp Oil. This formula is a quantum leap beyond other hemp oils because it has been subtle energy infused with the scalar energies of the entire hemp plant, providing a full spectrum of healing constituents. This adds a quality of much higher absorption and therapeutic effect beyond the simple CBD component. Vital 360 Hemp Oil is the preferred choice of health and healing professionals for its direct and immediately measurable effect on patients. Excellent for the entire family, including pets. Order now during our restock sale and save 20% -- use discount code 36020. While you're there, check out the unique and powerful Digital Cannabis and Digital CBD from Subtle Energy Sciences. MORE INFO



Gem Elixir for the Month


"Stone for Spiritual Journeying"


 zeoliteSpiritually: Creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms during spiritual journeys. Allows information to be transmitted from the spiritual realm. Helpful in metaphysical workings at all levels. Enhances intuition and prophecy and shows you the way forward for your spiritual growth. Facilitates deep karmic healing. Links to the higher self. Enhances visualization and deep meditation. Carrier of the Akashic Record. Used to heal the "healers."

Emotionally: Alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, uncovering and healing the dis-ease that creates them. Releases suppressed emotions. Allows uncertainty to be tolerated.

Mentally: Reduces stress, releases mental blockages and negative thought patterns.

Physically: Possible potent detoxifier; assists the respiratory system, helps reduce allergies, skin problems and encourages regeneration of the mucus membranes. Helps with brain disorders, connective tissue repair, and much more. Useful for going to the root cause of the problem. Is effective against radioactivity. MORE INFO

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