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Arnica MSM Relief Cream bioenergized with Subtle Energy
Arnica MSM Relief Energy Cream
(Formerly E-3 Revitalizing & Repair Cream)

Finally, be pain free!

Get rid of leg cramps in 1 minute!

Soothe away fibromyalgia pain

  • Get to the root of your pain.
    Formula Arnica Energy Cream is not an analgesic. It doesn't numb the pain, it works on the reason there is pain in the first place: disrupted energy flow. This is how acupuncture has worked effectively for thousands of years: restore the energy flow through the area of pain, and the pain goes away. It's not woo-woo magic, or some kind of placebo effect. It's the real deal, working on animals who have no preconceived notions. In fact, hundreds of naturopaths and medical doctors refer to Arnica Energy Cream as acupuncture in a bottle!
  • Speeds healing.
    Once the energy flow has been re-established in the painful area, the body immediately begins the healing process. We have seen bruises, cuts, scraps and even surgical incisions healed in half the time.
  • Lots of uses.
    Not only is Arnica Energy Cream immediately effective for bruises and cuts, but is most famous for its ability to bring relief to arthritis pain, back pain, and headaches. For headaches, simply apply the lotion where it hurts and at the base of the neck, and sit back for relief. Also, Arnica Energy Cream is highly effective for the pain of sprains and muscle strains. Athletes of all levels have told us about their successes using Arnica Energy Cream for sports injuries, pains from yoga, running, walking, climbing, biking, or working out on exercise machines. Some of our customers use it for indigestion, applying the lotion over their abdomen. When applied to the bottoms of the feet and palms of the hands, the Arnica Energy Lotion acts as a soothing, relaxing balm on all the organs.

  • A natural, soothing lotion.
    Arnica Energy Cream is a fragrance-free, white, smooth lotion, with nutrients for the skin that have healing powers of their own. Made from the purest ingredients available, the Arnica Energy Lotion itself is great for any skin condition. With the addition of the Subtle Energy treatment, the lotion makes a quantum leap in effectiveness over all other similar skin creams. Use it for psoriasis, acne, eczema, or rashes, insect bites, discolorations, scars--it's even great as a soothing after shave lotion for men and women.

    FROM THE FORMULATOR Dr. Yury Kronn - Subtle Energy Scientist Unlike aspirin and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs that simply mask the pain, Arnica Energy Cream goes to work on the root of the problem and offers long-term benefits. When soft tissue is damaged the energy flow into this area is interrupted. This is one of the causes of pain. Arnica Energy Cream helps re-establish energy flow. As a result the pain signal stops and the healing process speeds up, increasing mobility and assisting in regenerating damaged soft tissue. Arnica Energy Cream contains MSM and Aloe Vera for enhanced penetration and effectiveness. As a rule, it takes pain away--in the case of soft tissue damage, in less than a minute. It prevents bruising, prevents burns from blistering, and it drastically accelerates the healing process. --Dr. Yury Kronn

    Arnica Energy Cream is formulated using the finest all natural ingredients. This exclusive formula is processed with Subtle Energy Patterns using an advanced proprietary technology based on Quantum Physics principles. See how Arnica Energy Cream can help support the natural healing process as used by these doctors:

    Dr. Jeff Marrongelle: With the Arnica Energy cream, I treat all the soccer kids and the football team from my boy's high school on a pro bono basis, so we have injured athletes coming through our house and our clinic weekly with bruises, even fractures. The application of the Arnica Energy Cream is at least twice a day with something that's a little more chronic; but in an acute situation, Iíll have them use it three, four, five times a day in small applications to the injured area until they note persistent relief, and then we'll go down to maybe twice a day. After the pain is gone or the inflammation is gone, I have them maintain the use for at least another week, twice a day, morning and evening, which promotes the healing of the soft tissues and the connective tissues.

    Dr. Shigekawa & Mrs. Dr. Gerald Shigekawa: Just a short note to thank you for your recommendation of the Pure Energy Rx Formulas. In particular, I have found the Arnica Energy Cream to most efficacious as a therapeutic adjunct to healing. I use the Arnica Energy cream for patients/clients with various acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems. I find by applying the Arnica Energy cream over a site of a recent injury or trauma, and with the use of laser therapy, it has been an effective therapeutic combination. I have also found that I have very good results with Arnica Energy Cream applied to old or recent scars-scars from past injuries or surgeries. It seems that the Arnica Energy Cream helps restore the tissue to its normal physiology, the end result being that I have seen old scars seemingly becoming less prominent. Thanks for a great line of products. [7/29/2005]: I'm still using the Arnica Energy lotion. I find that a little dab goes a long way. Since we're working with subtle energy, I find that the Arnica Energy lotion in very small amounts, when driven-in with a laser at 830 nm goes a long way. --Dr. Gerald K. Shigekawa, D.C., Aspen Chiropractic Center, Orange, California

    [The above is the express experience and opinion of these practitioners. Consult your health care practitioner for treatment of specific conditions].

    Tell us how Arnica Energy has changed your life!

    New Study Reveals Dangers of NSAIDS

    When it comes to relieving the common headache or body aches, it seems as if the cure may be worse for you than the pain it's supposed to relieve. Consumption of NSAIDs - common pain relievers like ibuprophen (Advil, Motrin) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) - has grown to 70 million prescriptions and 30 billion over-the-counter sales annually. That statistic is disturbing to Michael Sheehan - founder of natural medications company BioResource Inc. --because of a new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine (AIM) that reveals NSAIDS may play a part in the development of heart disease.

    "The risks of NSAIDs are a growing concern," said Sheehan. "The fact that they may contribute to heart problems is a wake-up call the public needs to take seriously."

    According to the American Heart Association, about 785,000 Americans suffer a first heart attack each year, and another 470,000 who have already had one or more heart attacks experience another episode. The AHA also revealed that in 2010, heart disease cost the United States $316.4 billion. This total includes the cost of healthcare services, medications, and lost productivity.

    The AIM study found that heart failure patients who used NSAIDs may be at an increased risk for side effects and other dangers. The article concluded that NSAIDs "are harmful to heart-failure patients," reporting that individuals who received the medications were subject to "dose-related increases in risk of death and re-hospitalization for heart failure."

    Research also showed that, with prolonged use, NSAIDs can cause potential side effects that include:

    • upset stomach
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • heartburn
    • headache
    • diarrhea
    • constipation
    • drowsiness
    • unusual fatigue
    • stomach pain
    • swelling of feet or ankles
    • ringing in ears
    • vision changes
    • joint pain
    • muscle pain and weakness
    • easy bruising
    • bleeding
    • persistent sore throat
    • fever
    "The nature of these recent revelations, combined with the pervasive use of NSAIDs, should make people stand up and notice," added Sheehan. "There are good signs, however, that more Americans are seeking natural options to pain pills. A recent National Institutes of Health study revealed that the number of men seeking information on alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals and treatments rose by 18 percent between 2002 and 2007. This trend indicates Americans are getting smarter about taking responsibility for their personal health. The truth is there are dozens of natural substitutes for NSAIDs, and many of these remedies lack the potentially harmful side effects and risks associated with NSAIDs. With new, safer choices available, perhaps the need to use NSAIDs will diminish in the future."

    Not so chronic anymore...
    Love my Arnica Energy Cream! Really works on my chronic pain...in fact...it doesn't seem as chronic since I started using it. -- Linda H. [6.16.13]

    Burn healed fast...
    I wanted to share a recent experience with the Arnica Energy Cream. I was boiling a pot of bow pasta and as I drained off the water, the pot somehow tipped and the boiling water ran down the back of my left hand and over my thumb. I dropped everything and immediately put my hand under cold running water. I was standing at the sink thinking I needed to call my husband to get ready to take me to the emergency room. At that moment, it occurred to me that it might help if I put some Arnica Energy Cream on my hand and I figured I would just carry it with me to ease the burning pain and continue to apply it as I sat in the hospital waiting room. I rubbed on some of the lotion and went to look for some clean gauze to cover it. I definitely considered this to be a 2nd degree burn. The irritation was so painful that all I could picture was the blistering that would soon follow. Before my husband was able to get dressed to drive me to the emergency room, I noticed the pain subsiding substantially and the redness was going away. I rubbed on more lotion. After about Ĺ hr from the time of the burn, the pain was gone, and the redness was gone completely. An hour later, my hand looked like nothing had happened to it! I wish I could upload a picture to prove it to you. There wasnít any sign of irritation and unbelievably no blisters! I have been using Arnica Energy Cream for years now, but the relief it gave me for this very serious burn was so impressive that I had to send yet another testimonial for this wonderful product. -- Gwen M. (10.5.12)

    Foot pain gone instantly...
    I was so pleased to get my Arnica Energy Cream. I had been out of stock for way too long. In the meantime, I had developed a pain on the bottom of my foot that went into my toes. It would come and go at the most unwelcome times. When I received my cream a few weeks ago, I immediately put it on the bottom of my foot and the pain went away instantly. Thanks goodness!!! Really I love this stuff and won't be without it again. Thanks! --Dr. Betsie Poinsett, Clinical Hypnotherapist and author. www.ShamanicHypnosis.com

    Grateful for Arnica Energy Cream...
    I am filled with gratitude for the dear people who are with this company. They are always kind, loving and very helpful. I am grateful for the Arnica Energy lotion. It had helped so very much years ago when I had a car accident, and now I needed it again for muscle and joint healing, which it is doing once again. There is nothing out there I have found that is this helpful. I also use the other products: Clear Mind to clear the cob webs, and the Healthy Mouth--so great for pH balance in my mouth and healing. These products have been so helpful to me. Do not take my word for it--try them. I am sure you will come to the same conclusion. Gratitude and Blessings -- Dorothy Steen, Iowa (12.12.09)

    Help with restless leg syndrome...
    I take Arnica Energy Cream with me always and it has so amazingly helped me with pain that I have from back injuries and even restless legs syndrome. It is fast acting, and my life would not be the same without it. I deeply, deeply love this product and swear by its effectiveness after having used it for many, many years. I cannot say enough about it--I could rave on and on! -- Gail D. (7/12/16)

    Shoulder pain gone...
    The Arnica Energy cream has really helped my shoulder. It rarely aches now, and there is vast improvement in mobility. I cannot thank you enough for sending the two bottles. I'm using the second one now! -- Rosalee D. (6/23/08)

    Heat rash gone...
    I have been sharing it at work as well as giving it for gifts to my family. My sister told me her legs ache so bad at night she could not sleep. I gave her the old bottle I had and in two nights they were doing so much better. I also put some on a few co-workers that were having pain and they wanted to know where I got the magic cream and how to get some. The best part is I learned something new about what this product will do. I got a heat rash, I am a heavy woman and did not want to use the diaper rash cream, so I tried Arnica Energy Cream and wow my rash was gone in hours. I want to thank you for such a wonderful product. -- Darcy from Canyonville, Oregon (6/1/08)

    Speeds up healing...
    I like the product very much because it works. It works on muscle aches and sprains. I have used Arnica Energy lotion to take away headache, just dab on the temples and the base of the skull. I even put it on cuts and burns. It helps them heal faster and takes away the pain. My girlfriend got in a car accident and she is using it on her neck and shoulders. Most of my bottles have gone to family and friends and they each love it. -- Linda G. (4/1/08)

    Never travals without it...
    I use Arnica Energy Cream for arthritis in the sacral area and also at night when my legs get jumpy. It puts me to sleep in five minutes due to the relaxation of the sensations. I never travel without it. I have also seen it greatly reduce the pain of a ruptured disc in a friend's neck, and my dad used to say that is was the only things that helped his bad knees, pain-wise. -- G. Dalby (6/21/08)

    Leg cramps, skin eruptions--even for the cat...
    The Arnica Energy Cream has been a very solid companion. I carry it everywhere and use it whenever I feel a need to provide relief for the sensation of an oncoming flu, to relieve cramps in my legs at night which resolve almost instantaneously--something that would have taken me at least a half-hour to work out with stretching and massage, to relieve a topical burn from a hot substance on the skin, and to offer improvement for those occasional skin erruptions and blotches.

    Arnica Energy Cream has also worked exceptionally well for one of my feline companions who has an occasional bout of lesions that errupt on her face that also includes feline acne. I think it was the only thing that helped her resolve these knarly things, which were no doubt partially a detoxification.

    Bottom line, I use it for just about anything that needs attention. It truly is like a miracle treatment in a bottle and I wouldn't want to be without it. -- The best, Alyx (2/8/08)

    Extremely convenient...
    The best product I found in the market for my knee pain. Arnica Energy Cream is extremely convenient because it is not greasy, and hasn't got an unpleasant smell, so you can used it anytime during the day. -- Alexa S. (7/10/16)

    The only thing that worked for diabetic nerve pain...
    My dear mother, who was diabetic, used the Arnica Energy Cream on her feet for many years. She also applied it to the many bruises to her skin that were caused by vascular breakdown. She said nothing else helped with the pain and the discolorations like the Arnica Energy Cream. I bought it for her by the case a few times. Regular application very likely kept her from experiencing the problems a lot of diabetics have with poor circulation in the feet. I, too, have appreciated the healing properties of the Arnica Energy Cream. -- Eileen T. (7/13/16)

    Chronic foot pain relieved...
    Many thanks for allowing us to try the Arnica Energy lotion and think we may be hooked and will definitely need to buy more. My foot pain does dissipate when I apply the lotion and hope it continues to progress in that fashion and I like the fact that it doesn't mask the pain, like I am sure the Aleve was doing. Hope the healing process begins!! --Alisa (3.28.07)
    P.S. I mentioned the Arnica Energy lotion to a co-worker today and am going to send her the link to your site. Thanks again!!

    Use on sports injuries: Archery...
    My fiancee and I shoot archery and this cream comes in handy when (especially I) start getting arm fatique, lose my form and end up slapping the inside of my forearm with the bow string. Let me tell you, if I get the Arnica Energy cream on it and then an ice pack (to help get rid of stinging) the healing time of that bruising and tissue swelling is cut in half if not less. Tammy Finley (2/15/07)

    Rash healed and glad Arnica Energy Cream is non-allergenic...
    I was exposed to some dangerous chemicals eleven years ago. As a result of this exposure, I have had many health problems. One of them being, that I have allergies I never had before the exposure. Certain foods, perfumes, lotions and most chemicals make me break out in miserable rashes, and/or headaches that can last for days. Most everything I use must be organic or natural. I find your lotion to be one of the few I can safely use. I do not have to worry whether or not I will get a rash or a headache. My health care professional let me use some of hers one day, and I fell in love with it. When I had a rash, it healed much faster with this miracle lotion. So needless to say, I keep it around the house ready to use. Thank You, Natalie M. (5/6/10)

    Arnica Energy Cream for circulation...
    My mother swears by the Arnica Energy Cream. It helps keep the circulation going in her legs and heals sores. She has diabetes. It also has given her great relief from itchy skin and tender feet. --Ilene Timpson, Arizona (12/1/06)

    Betsie Poinsette Use for every ache and pain...

    Arnica Energy Cream is a lifesaver!! I have used it for over 8 years on probably every part of my body. Whenever I have an ache or pain on goes the Arnica Energy Cream and it disappears within minutes. I highly recommend it to all my clients. Dr. Betsie H. Poinsett, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of, Mothers Who Cry in the Night

    Arnica Energy Cream is a big help with arm strain...

    Hi Shay - I received the package today. Thank you so much. Great information and I started the products. Thank you for the Arnica Energy cream. I actually strained my left arm last week and didn't realize it, so the Arnica Energy Cream arrived just in time. I've been in a lot of pain the past couple of days, I applied it immediately and tonight it's feeling a lot better. Wow. Thank you for sending that. I'm so thrilled to have found your site! Big smile, Kazzrie [Dec. 7, 2005]

    Arnica Energy Cream for knee pain...

    Arnica Energy Lotion I use Arnica Energy Cream all the time. It works real well for sore muscles and bruises. I even used it on a recent bee sting and it took the pain away. I do massage for friends and found it relieves chronic back pain and knee pain. --Linda Galvin

    Help with spondylosis...

    We were extremely impressed with the results we received from the use of the Arnica Energy lotion from the very beginning. I bruise very easily and the Arnica Energy Cream was most impressive stopping the size of the bruises and even stopping bleeding when I would tear the skin on my hands. At the same time I was experiencing terrible pain in my gluts, down my thighs and down my leg beside my shins. Unknown to me at the time, I had a completely destroyed disk between L4-5 in my back, with spondylosis. I put pints of Arnica Energy Cream on my backside and legs and it kept me walking until I had back surgery last September. The neurosurgeon put two titanium cages between the vertebrae in my back. I can't thank Shay and Subtle Energy enough for the relief I received. My husband, Larry, also had back pain associated with some heavy work he was doing building our retaining wall, and Arnica Energy Cream made a believer out of him. I remember going to a Seminar close to the Portland Airport and being introduced to the Subtle Energy products. The claims being made caused us to smile and snicker "snake oil," but we agreed to try it. No one is a bigger doubting Thomas than my husband. He came back saying "Hey, this stuff really works"! I said, "I know it does because it's the reason I'm walking at all!" Before the surgery I was taking steps one at a time, almost crawling up them. Could not walk any distance further than the car in the driveway. --Janice Williamson

    Diaper rash...

    My mother-in-law had come across SES products a while back, and I must say the Arnica Energy lotion is the tops. When my son had gotten a severe diaper rash and nothing seemed to be working; we put some Arnica Energy lotion on his tender bottom and within a few minutes (not exaggerating), he was feeling much better. And by the end of the night there was no sign of reddness or irritation. When I looked more into of what this lotion can do I was amazed. Now, I always try to keep a bottle on hand. --Tammy Finley, Maricopa, AZ

    Masseuse uses Arnica Energy Cream...

    My bodywork practice is a relatively new venture, as I am just heading into my third year. I have a background in dance and dance instruction that spans decades, so moving into massage seemed a natural. However, the first year was a lot about setting up the business, learning marketing techniques, training in new skills and lots of research. My dance time dwindled. When the business began to flourish, I was working a lot of muscle groups into overtime, and ignoring the rest. At fifty years old, this is deadly, so I had a massage therapist work out my shoulders and back for me. It sure loosened things up, but I hurt like the dickens. Salt baths, stretching and using essential oils helped moderately, but a colleague offered me a bottle of >Arnica Energy Cream on the third day, and after an hour the discomfort was virtually gone, never to return. I was sold! A couple of weeks later, I used it on a neck muscle that is linked to the migraines I often get when my menstrual cycle starts. Watching my diet, getting extra sleep and using Clary Sage and Peppermint oils have been my standbys for years, and a combination of them usually keeps things under control. Adding Arnica Energy Cream on that muscle seemed to really tip the scale. Not a hint of a headache. It was great. As long as I act before the migraine gets established, I can now avoid it completely. I have a client who has recurring pseudo-sciatic symptoms - pain and numbness in the lower back, hip and down the leg. Sometimes it's so severe she can hardly walk. I offered her some Arnica Energy Cream during a particulary painful bout, and she walked out of my office without a limp. She was so impressed she took a bottle home. I now use Arnica Energy Cream on the feet and thymus of many clients, and also for "spot work." I have a large inventory of Young Living essential oils, which are my standard tool. I feel Arnica Energy Cream compliments the work of the oils as well as the Esalen massage that is the foundation of my practice. I am currently expanding to include Ortho-Bionomy as my basic "repair tool" for chronic misalignment and/or trauma. I love the theoretical premise of the SES products, and I will be ordering the full range of them shortly. I especially like to hear about individual success stories with the products. It is amazing how often a similar situation then arises in one's own experience, and it is great to have an option for helping. Thanks for your interest. I enjoy your newsletter tremendously. A special thank you for your commmitment to products of quality that can assist people in making Real change. My most recent success with Arnica Energy Cream has been for dental and jaw pain. A friend who was suffering with a broken tooth used a Wintergreen-based essential oil blend along the jawline to control the discomfort. When she added Arnica Energy Cream over the oil, the pain virtually disappeared. It is truly a phenomenal product. -- Kaye Castleman, The Oasis Bodywork & Massage Studio, 100 Mile House, BC, Canada

    Knee swelling and pain...

    First tried Arnica Energy Cream ON Friday, August 9th (2003). I work for a trucking company and am usually sitting at a desk for 8 hours. I have been on crutches on and off (more on than off) since May 31st. Both of my knees have been swelled during this time. I have gotten a steroid shot and been on Celebrex. One of my drivers told me to try Arnica Energy Cream. I rubbed it in my left knee which was swollen at that time. I did not feel a thing. I work 2nd shift and at 11 PM I went home and did my usual nightly routine--hit the LazyBoy with an ice pack. I went to bed around 2 AM, woke at 4 AM, and noticed I was walking without the crutches. I have been using Arnica Energy Cream since then. The swelling has gone down, plus I'm walking almost normal. I gave my Mom some to try. She has had problems with her hip. She used it 2 days and noticed a big difference. She rubbed it on her fingers the other day due to soreness in one of the joints, and the pain went away in minutes. She has since given me $ 40.00 to get her a bottle. We are firm believers this works. --Dennis "Weez" & Theresa Wisniewski- Toledo, Ohio

    Edema of the hands...

    My husband, William, had a stroke about a year ago, and unfortunately lost a lot of movement and feeling in his body. The Arnica Energy Lotion in particular has helped with edema in his hands. It seems to help the swelling and reduces the water retention and that tight-skin feeling that's a part of his condition. The physical therapist that works with my husband weekly has also been very impressed with the Arnica Energy lotion. --Patricia Whipp

    Arthritis pain...

    Kathee Estey I was introduced to Arnica Energy by Dorothy. One day I was in pain and she handed me a bottle and said "try this it is great stuff." Since that day I use Arnica Energy cream morning and night as recommended on my feet and upper chest area. Plus, I use it on my arthritis "hot spots" for healing and pain control. When I have sinus problems I apply it above and below my eyes for relief and I can actually feel my sinuses drain...wow. I use it for neck and headache problems with instant relief. I have handed many bottles to people that I met during the day, including clients, when I see they are in pain--I feel that strongly about the product. My husband also uses Arnica Energy Cream for arm and neck arthritis every day. Arnica Energy Cream is part of our daily life. We use it with confidence, knowing we are helping to rebuild our bodies! --Kathee Estey, Dennisport, Massachusettes

    Skin damage...

    The Arnica Energy Cream has been a tremendous help in coping with skin damage caused by parasites. It definitely speeds up the healing process. I also enjoy using the mouth rinse as it not only makes my mouth feel great, but when swallowed helps promote good digestion. --Jonathan Reed, Oregon

    Arm and wrist pain...

    Arnica Energy success I met Shay in California this past May ...what can I say she has an incredibly beautiful and intuitive Heart and a wealth of information to share on the alternative health world! She is an amazing supporter of our children! I have been using the Arnica Energy lotion which to my surprise took care of a very painful arm and wrist in a matter of hours! I have been using it with Lawrence as well for massage and specially on his legs...he has a ton of bruises as he spends a lot of time creeping and crawling! Arnica Energy Cream has been working wonders! --Leo Provan

    Avoiding hip surgery...

    We are senior citizens and experience some pain. The Arnica Energy Cream lotion works miracles on eliminating pain. My husband's doctor said at some point he would need to have a hip replacement. He did experience a fair amount of pain in the hip area. With the Arnica Energy Cream lotion applied daily, Ray has been able to eliminate the pain that was so often a part of his day. And we both feel there won't be a need for a hip replacement at anytime in his future. --Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Longway, Sr., Rockaway Beach, Oregon


    I am a big believer in the Arnica Energy lotion. I use it every day and am ordering four bottles this time. I've been using it mainly for indigestion. I apply it on my abdomen when the symptoms start, and the pain goes away immediately. --June Yeargin, Georgetown, IL

    Great on the feet...

    Thanks so much for your generosity & kindness in offering these products to the list. I have to say that my fave is the Arnica Energy cream, too, & I love to put it on the thymus & feet. I feel such energy all the next day & I am not taking any supplements right now. It is amazing! Thank you so much for blessing us. --A.T. Heal

    Buying in bulk...

    Arnica Energy Cream is an excellent product and it works so well. We have been selling it to a lot of our friends and neighbors and they expect us to keep it available for them that is why we are buying in this quantity. --Dean Begg (5.17.07)

    A reliable product...
    Absolutely everyone I give it to loves it ..it works most of the time so perfectly. They try a little of mine and then they get one right away. Thanks for such a reliable, great product. --Gail D., Branford, CT (9.9.10)

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